Saturday, March 21, 2015

Timeline 2014

At the beginning of the year Ty hit lots of milestones - mastering crawling, sitting up, pulling himself to stand, and eating lots of solids. See Baby Ty: 7 months - 9.5 months.  He also sleep trained after months of difficulty, which I recorded in an extensive 5 part post.

In February we took a fun trip down to southern California. We stayed a few days with Oscar's grandparents, then spent 5 days meeting up with my family at Disneyland.

During early March Ty climbed all the way up the stairs, cut his first tooth, started eating lots of solids, punched momma in the eye, and got to try cake for the first time. With only a tiny piece of cake from my birthday, he made this awesome mess. It looks like he just took a chomp out of an animal's hide. See more of Ty's cuteness in Baby Ty: 9 months - 11 months.
The great Elmo massacre of 2014

In mid April, my friend Amy flew over from Mississippi. We first took her down to Portland to see some waterfalls, but had an unexpected event of Ty ending up in the hospital with bronchiolitis. Fortunately he was discharged the next day and seemed back to his normal self, so Amy and I continued our sightseeing at Wallace Falls, Snoqualmie Falls and downtown Seattle, the Tulip Festival, Deception Pass, and Fort Casey

Ty turned one in mid May, which is also when he started saying da-da-da and ma-ma-ma along with na-na-na, la-la,la, and so on. It was just nonsense syllables for awhile. And a few weeks after his 1st birthday, he started walking. In July, he learned how to crawl safely down the stairs. See more in Baby Ty: 11 months - 1 year old and Toddler Ty: 12 - 14 Months.

Myla and Kienna help us out a bunch with babysitting, and I prefer to pay them in adventures rather than cash. In early July I took them on a 3 waterfalls tour of interstate 90

In July we took a 2 and 1/2 week trip to Utah to see our families. We went camping with the Hunts, spent 3 days at the Flinders Family reunion, and I spent 4 days with my family at Lagoon.

In April Tyler weaned completely and we began trying to have another baby. Our insurance wouldn't approve another IVF attempt until mid-November, so we unsuccessfully attempted IUI in August, September, and October. Ty continued being crazy adorable and reaching more milestones. He said his first actual words too - "banana" and "uh-oh." Read more in "Toddler Ty: 14-16 Months."

In early September my mom and her twin drove up from Utah. Mom was here for a long stay while Kathy was only here for a week. Since it was a particularly beautiful week, I drove them up to see the sights on Anacortes and Whidbey Island.
In September, we left Ty home with mom and took a little road trip into Gifford Pinchot forest to do some sightseeing. Our plans got a little thrown out of whack, though, when we got our car stuck on a road we didn't know had been closed for years.
Though October started off a bit scary with another hospital visit for Ty, we had a lot of autumn fun and a great Halloween with green monsters. Tyler also learned how to say the phrases "all done" and "all gone."

In November Ty learned how to say "thank you" (which unfortunately we haven't heard since), Fry had surgery for an ear hematoma, Tyler started eating salad with us (which is hit or miss these days) and we got the Christmas tree up just after Thanksgiving. He soon learned how to say "Christmas tree," which became more distinct as the month went by. Read more in "Toddler Ty: 18 Months."

And in December we were busy bees helping plan our ward Christmas party and getting into the holiday spirit. Mom came back around the end of the month and helped out a lot while I worked and went to several doctor appointments once we got the approval from our insurance to do IVF again. Since mom enjoys Christmas lights and decorations as much as I do, we visited as many of Seattle's holiday attractions as possible. We visited the Bellevue Garden d'Lights and Festival of the Nativity, went into downtown Seattle to see the Teddy Bear suite, Gingerbread Village, Pikes Place, and Woodland Park Zoo, stayed local to drive around Fir Grove in Everett, and Country Village Shops and Evergreen church in Bothell, drove up north to see "The Lights of Christmas" in Stanwood, and south to Tacoma to see Zoolights where Ty learned how to say "shark." We also had a great Christmas day at home, even though we burned our turkey irreparably.

And to finish off the month with great news, the egg retrieval and embryo transfer from our IVF cycle were successful! Baby Hunt #2 is due September 13th, 2015. 

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