Thursday, March 26, 2015

Toddler Ty: 20 - 21 Months

Parenthood has definitely zapped up of our desire to stay up late anytime we don't have to. On New Years eve we rang in Chicago's new year and went to bed.
Tyler's begun taking toys to bed with him, starting first with an old Elmo toy. I found it at the Relief Society swap meet last year, but I couldn't get the talking part to work, even after cleaning out the battery pack and replacing the batteries. It's just a stuffy now, but it's probably better that way since he loves to sleep with it. I typically place an animal in each corner of the crib. It's hilarious to see where they end up in the morning.

Ty has fun playing with daddy and stealing cash from his wallet!

During January Ty went through a difficult phase. He'd slap and hit us, other kids, and the cats, and he'd throw hard, heavy things on the ground or at people. I'd teach him the right behavior, like being gentle, only throwing soft things like stuffed animals, and showing him how to use the hard things appropriately, but I couldn't get the bad behavior to stop. When I'd say "no," he'd just do it again while saying "no, no." Time outs and even spankings didn't work either. He wouldn't associate the punishment with the incorrect behavior. This has gotten better now that he's starting to respond to "no," but it's still a bit challenging.

Ty's become an expert at riding and holding onto daddy. As Ty's about 30 pounds these days, I can't hold him for extended periods, particularly since I'm pregnant. Ty looks forward to daddy coming home so he can get on his "sholes."

We spent one Saturday evening dancing around to "Everything is Awesome" with Tyler. It's moments like those that make all the frustrating ones worth it. 

Cute boy in the bathtub!

Ty remains a fantastic eater, though he has some interesting habits. For example, he loves mac and cheese, he loves hot dogs, he LOVES mixing his food together, but when I premixed his hot dogs and mac and cheese, it was no good. He had to separate them before he'd eat them.

In late January he transitioned from 2 naps to 1. He stopped being willing to take the 2nd nap but didn't want to take his 1st nap any later. This made things very difficult for awhile because he'd get so tired around 5 or 6, and I couldn't very well give him a nap then. Now he naps around 12:30 for 2-3 hours, which makes it much easier on me to plan when I can leave the house. 
This bra is very entertaining!
Tyler is an awesome helper! It might make doing the dishes take longer, but I like encouraging him to help do the chores. Who knows how long that will last?...

As for me, this pregnancy's definitely been a bit more challenging than Tyler's. I had some nausea and dizziness the first trimester, accompanied by the common 1st trimester fatigue. It was weird to sometimes feel both nauseated and starving at the same time. I'm also having an aversion to chicken, turkey, and the leaner forms of pork. I made a huge batch of copycat Olive Garden chicken gnocchi soup and had to give most of it away to the missionaries because I couldn't eat the leftovers. It's gradually easing off now since I can eat a bit of chicken in a casserole or pasta, but I still can't eat just a piece of chicken, even if it's well cooked and seasoned. I'm also showing my baby belly much sooner than last time. I didn't believe women when they told me they were showing at 2 months but at only 6 weeks my pants were noticeably tighter, and though my weight is similar to what it was last time, I had to get my maternity clothes out much earlier. These pics were taken at 14 weeks.

And as for baby #2, everything looks good so far. Here are some pics from his/her 7 and 9 week ultrasounds.

At 10 weeks I got to hear the baby's heartbeat at my first OBGYN appointment. There's no guarantee the doppler can pick it up until 12 weeks, so he said it would be iffy, but it came through loud and clear. He even said he was surprised by how quickly he found it. Baby's got a strong heart!
In early February we took Ty down to IKEA while we shopped for new furniture. I knew they had a kids' area there, but didn't realize they had to be 36 inches tall and potty trained, so we ended up with Ty the whole time. He looks so cute in the cart and zonked out in the car on the drive home.

When mom and I were at Kohls one day, she gave him one of their $5 stuffed animals to hold onto while we shopped. When we went through the toy aisle he switched it out with this tiny little Elmo, which we didn't notice until at least 15 minutes after he'd taken it. He's so sly! That boy can sure spot his Elmos! We would have bought it for him if it weren't $13...It makes me extra happy to have found his large stuffed Elmo for free.

Both Oscar and I worked all day on Valentine's Day, so we didn't make any plans. But I did make pizza with the pepperoni formed into a heart that evening and Oscar made heart shaped pancakes with strawberries and cream the next morning.

In mid-February one Sunday, Ty ran out of Sacrament meeting and right up to sit quietly on these chairs just outside the bishop's office. He must have had a bishop interview he hadn't told us about, or maybe he just knows the bishop has candy. ;)

And a few last pics of Ty's February cuteness!

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