Friday, May 22, 2015

Toddler Ty: April Adventures

The month of April was eventful to say the least. During the first week of April we went up to Mt Vernon for the Tulip Festival, Ty had his first Easter egg hunt at home, and we went down to Portland to see 17 waterfalls.

Tyler doesn't know his own strength and can be a bit too rough with the cats. He loves them but he sees them as toys, so he'll sometimes pull on their tails and whiskers. We've told him to be "soft, gentle, and nice," which he interprets as "give the kitties hugs and loves." It's very cute! The kitties are less enthused about it since they fear his grabby hands, but at least it's a step. Good thing our cats are super tolerant...

Oscar and I both had to work the day before Easter, so Ty had fun hanging out with his favorite babysitters.
For Easter we decided to let Ty have an Easter egg hunt rather than finding a basket of treats. When he's old enough to read, we plan on having a traditional Easter basket and doing a scavenger egg hunt to lead him to his ultimate prize. At this age, though, we knew he'd get more enjoyment out of looking for and discovering multiple eggs than just one large basket. I filled the eggs with gummy Easter candies and put them in reasonably obvious places. It was actually a bit difficult to get him to continue the egg hunt since he'd want to open each egg as he found it and eat all the goodies inside before looking for the rest.
Ty likes hitting milestones on holidays, and Easter was also when Ty started figuring out how to walk up and down the stairs instead of crawling or sliding. I think having the basket motivated him to learn how to hold onto the wall with one hand so he could carry something else in the other hand. It's much harder to bring toys with you when you have to crawl or slide down the stairs. You can see him mastering the technique in this video.

A bug got in. The cats were thrilled.
Ty waking up in the morning with all his stuffed animals in a pile
Practicing my vocal skills has become increasingly more difficult to do as Ty gets older. If I sit at the piano to learn, he wants to sit on me while playing the piano, pressing the buttons, and ripping up my music. Even when I stand to practice, he wants me to hold him while I sing. Holding a squirmy, 30 pound boy while pregnant is VERY tiring, so it never lasts long. I have to admit I don't practice nearly as much as I used to because it's so exhausting.

It's also getting more and more difficult to keep Ty out of things he shouldn't get into. He's broken or figured out how to get around the child safety locks on our drawers, he can pull the plug protectors out of the outlets, and he can push around and climb up on chairs to get into even more mischief. When there's a long moment of silent, I know my child has just discovered how to access a new area I thought was thoroughly protected. At least it's cute to see all the funny places and positions I find him in.

Ty continues to love cooking with daddy while sitting on his shoulders. I don't know how Oscar's neck handles it, but it's very cute.
 Making muffin mix
 and shaving with daddy.

 We have lots of fun spinning him around in the computer chair and watching him get dizzy.

One of my favorite milestones from April was seeing Ty start being able to play at the park on his own. Anytime I'd take him to the park before, I always had to escort him up the steps and take him down the slide with me. These pics and video are from a little playground near our library. He was so independent this day that I could actually sit down on a bench and take pictures.

While Ty keeps himself busy, Oscar's been working a lot on cultivating his herb garden and improving the curb appeal of our home.

And as Tyler's grown, so have I! At the end of the month we learned that the baby growing and kicking in my belly is a girl! She's even more active in the womb than Ty was, and we're looking forward to meeting her in September.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tyler in the Tulips

Spring came early this year, and Washington's tulips bloomed at the end of March. At the beginning of April, a group of co-op preschoolers in my ward were going up to see them, and they invited us to tag along with them.

This year there were a whole bunch of kites tethered to the ground. Ty LOVED them! He got so excited he didn't know what to do with himself and just ran around in circles. There were some smaller fish kites closer to the ground for the kids to play with. At first we tried preventing them from touching them, but the kite master told us he put them there intentionally so they'd play with them rather than try to tackle the biggies.
I can't think of many other times I've seen him this excited. He would have been happy to run around and play with the kites all day.
I'd never taken the trolley before since I'd just as soon get up close to the flowers, but the other moms recommended it, saying the kids always enjoy it. They were right. The kids were thrilled and it let them get a tour of the fields before getting all muddy.
We attempted a few selfies, and got a couple cute shots, but nothing with the flowers in them.

 Pretty, pretty!
Most of the time Ty was pretty happy, but that's the ugliest crusty face I've ever seen him make. He wasn't allowed to peer out while the trolley was moving, which he wasn't very happy about.
We wanted to get a group picture of the kids up on this little lookout, but it was not happening. At least Ty had fun up there showing off his butt for the camera.

We took off when it started to rain and stopped off at a nearby farm to let the kids feed the animals and eat their lunches. Ty was a bit scared and confused as to why the chicken got the strawberry and he didn't (it was moldy), but he did manage to feed some lettuce to the goats. It was such an exciting day that he wouldn't even fall asleep for the 50 minute drive home, and then jumped up and down squealing happily in his crib for an hour before finally zonking out.