Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tyler in the Tulips

Spring came early this year, and Washington's tulips bloomed at the end of March. At the beginning of April, a group of co-op preschoolers in my ward were going up to see them, and they invited us to tag along with them.

This year there were a whole bunch of kites tethered to the ground. Ty LOVED them! He got so excited he didn't know what to do with himself and just ran around in circles. There were some smaller fish kites closer to the ground for the kids to play with. At first we tried preventing them from touching them, but the kite master told us he put them there intentionally so they'd play with them rather than try to tackle the biggies.
I can't think of many other times I've seen him this excited. He would have been happy to run around and play with the kites all day.
I'd never taken the trolley before since I'd just as soon get up close to the flowers, but the other moms recommended it, saying the kids always enjoy it. They were right. The kids were thrilled and it let them get a tour of the fields before getting all muddy.
We attempted a few selfies, and got a couple cute shots, but nothing with the flowers in them.

 Pretty, pretty!
Most of the time Ty was pretty happy, but that's the ugliest crusty face I've ever seen him make. He wasn't allowed to peer out while the trolley was moving, which he wasn't very happy about.
We wanted to get a group picture of the kids up on this little lookout, but it was not happening. At least Ty had fun up there showing off his butt for the camera.

We took off when it started to rain and stopped off at a nearby farm to let the kids feed the animals and eat their lunches. Ty was a bit scared and confused as to why the chicken got the strawberry and he didn't (it was moldy), but he did manage to feed some lettuce to the goats. It was such an exciting day that he wouldn't even fall asleep for the 50 minute drive home, and then jumped up and down squealing happily in his crib for an hour before finally zonking out.

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