Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tyler's First Hiking Trip: Part II - Trail of 10 Falls

For our 2nd day with the girls, we decided to take them down to Silver Falls State Park to hike the Trail of 10 Falls. We'd come here once before in April 2011 after several days of pouring rain when the waterfalls were HUGE. The weather had predicted this would be the warmest day and that it was unlikely to rain. It didn't rain, but it was way off on the temperature. It started off in the low 40's and didn't warm up until after we'd finished the hike. This was fine for those of us who were moving, but not so much for Tyler in the carrier. We kept most of him warm, but he won't keep gloves on, so his hands were super cold, and his pants ride up, so his legs got pretty cold too.
The girls enjoyed going behind the first waterfall - South Falls.
Tyler got immediately wet since there was a lot of spray and he won't keep a hat on. After that we started using the rain cover whenever we came close to a falls.

It was neat to watch it flow from so many different angles.

Some quick pics at the base before heading on down to Lower South Falls.
I love this cute selfie of Oscar and Tyler on the trail down.
Fun behind the falls
After Lower South there's over a mile of walking before you come upon any more waterfalls. Ty was getting pretty fussy, so we thought a little exercise might warm him up. I held onto his leash while we walked and swung him. It did cheer him up at first, but by the time we got to the next set of waterfalls, he was starting to meltdown.

The next 3 waterfalls are all very close to each other. Lower North Falls is more impressive in person than it looks in the pics.

And by double falls Ty was in complete meltdown mode.
 Drury Falls

Next up was Middle north falls. There are nice views along the way, but they're pretty obstructed for picture taking until you get up close.
We were allowed to go behind the waterfall this time. Last time there was too much waterflow, which made it dangerous due to potential erosion. Oscar opted out of going behind since he didn't want Ty getting wet again.

We then veered off the main trail to see Winter Falls. By then Tyler had decided he'd had enough. Oscar was kind enough to hike up to the top of the waterfall and then back to the car with him. It made for a similar amount of hiking for him as the rest of us did, and since he drove the car to meet us at the end, it saved us nearly 3 miles of boring hiking just to get back to the car. Unfortunately Ty pretty much just cried the entire rest of the way back, but he calmed down and was happy immediately once he was inside the car.

The girls and I hopped back on the main trail to see the remaining waterfalls. Here's Twin Falls.

And North Falls was as lovely and roaring as ever.
It's always fun to go behind this one. The sound is thunderous!
Going up the other side is a bit steep, but overall this is a pretty easy trail with a lot of payoff.
And upper North Falls is a quick jaunt from the North Falls parking lot, in spite of the sign that tells you it's going to be 2 miles. Oscar and Tyler could have come, but since Ty was happy in the car, Oscar didn't want to risk him melting down again.

Ty fell asleep on the drive back to Portland, but woke up for lunch at Old Town pizza. We attempted to get dessert at voodoo donuts, but there was a monstrous wait going out the door on a cold, rainy day. On the 4 hour drive back Ty didn't fall asleep until his usual bedtime, even with the girls falling asleep across from him, but he was very well behaved and didn't cry once. Last time he screamed for 2 straight hours coming back from our Portland trip with Amy. What a difference a year makes!

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