Monday, August 31, 2015

Toddler Ty: June is Bustin' Out All Over Part II - Everyday Moments

Oscar works on our yard pretty regularly, so Ty's gotten used to helping him water the plants and playing outside with him. Whenever we're pulling into our driveway he says "outside dada." In early June we had some rainy days, but he still wanted to play. We opened the garage door and let him figure out for himself that it was a bad idea.

Oscar had recently put up stones leading to our little backyard. We told Ty "stay on the stone" and he imitates it in the most adorable way. We caught a little bit of it on the video above. After staying on the stones he ran onto the neighbors grass and said "stay grass" in the same cute way.

But June for the most part was super warm, which brought us to the park a lot. Ty loves playing in the sand at Silverlake. I try to take him out of the house as much as possible since he's recently discovered television and watching youtube videos on phones and tablets. When we're at home that's all he wants to do.
Push that mommy in the water!
Ty seems most happy playing with things that weren't actually intended for his entertainment.

He's become very affectionate these days. I melt whenever he requests hugs. He must have learned it from mom and dad. He's also realized we're complete suckers for it, so I have to watch when he's just using it to get what he wants.
Going to Home Depot in the wagon and buying hostas with daddy.

This summer I've been taking Ty to Toddler Storytime at Snohomish and Everett libraries. The first time we went he was super shy and didn't want to participate at all. He'd even lock up his body when I'd try to help him do actions with the songs. Now he's much more interactive and loves going. We also tried the stay and play once, but Ty being Ty was much more interested in getting into things he wasn't supposed to get into than in playing with the toys provided (like climbing on stacks of chairs and tables and trying to pull fire alarms).

Ty loves playing with the hose. Usually he helps daddy water the plants, but sometimes he sprays the neighborhood kids. We put it on the lowest setting, and they love it.
Daddy's headphones

During the 2nd week of June, Ty fully adjusted to the toddler bed. We'd been putting him down in the bed, but he'd always either cry or get up and leave the room, so we'd put him back down in the crib. One day he just decided to play for awhile but then put himself down in the bed. He's been sleeping in it ever since. He gets himself and his toys in the most interesting positions. The right pic is how we had to wake him up for church once.
He's a great helper and often does the dishes with me.
On one occasion he insisted on using daddy's work gloves to unload the dishes in the dishwasher. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Toddler Ty: June is Bustin' Out All Over Part I - Granny and Grampa Hunt's visit

We had a fun visit from Oscar's parents this past June. They decided to drop by for a few days since they were already driving north to spend their 35th anniversary on the Oregon coast. Ty had been having a hard time adjusting to his new toddler bed, so Granny made him a pillow and blanket to help it seem a bit more appealing to him.

We set up our spare car seat in Oscar's parents car, and he LOVED riding in it. Martha always sat back with him and gave him snacks as they drove. He got so used to being with them that he tried climbing into their car as they were leaving and even chased them down the street crying as they drove away. It was equal parts adorable and heartbreaking. Martha called us in tears after about 10 minutes to make sure he was okay.

Their first activity was going strawberry picking at a local farm. The strawberries were extra small and early due to less rain this year, but they were also extra sweet.

I opted out of this activity since I was 6 months pregnant and it required constant bending over.

I'd gone to the gym and later met up with them at a nursery in Snohomish. Oscar wanted to get some hostas to plant in our yard. He was successful, but unfortunately the extra heat and sun from this record breaking summer killed most of them off.

That evening we went out for a yummy Mexican dinner. Ty thoroughly enjoyed his hot dog wrapped in a deep fried tortilla. He also discovered how much he likes ketchup. He was happy just to eat regular tortillas dipped in ketchup.

Oscar also had fun with the ketchup.
The restaurant was close to Silverlake park, so we dropped by to let Ty see the ducks and play on the playground.

He thorougly enjoyed playing at the park with Grandpa and even voluntarily gave a hug to a total stranger who needed one. I've been loving his extra affection lately!

The next day we took a trip down to the temple. Since going Ty loves pointing out temples or just things he thinks are temples, like chapels, steeped houses, and big construction cranes. He often requests watching temple slideshows on youtube.

Martha and Marcus watched Ty while Oscar and I went in to do some ordinance work, then came in later themselves. We got some cute family pics while we were all there. The temple workers even let us take Ty down to the temple cafeteria for lunch.

We tried putting Ty in the middle of this stone family with a baby sister, but it was just too traumatic.
We attempted to get a pic of Ty by the tree, but he was not having it. Maybe because it was well past lunchtime by then.
After the temple Ty got a nice long nap. Martha and Marcus came over after he woke up while we were dealing with getting our water heater fixed. It had broken on us that morning. We'd been warned at our home inspection that we would need a new water heater in a year or two, and it'd been slightly more than two years by then, so we knew it was coming. Unfortunately we didn't know about all the mandatory updates we had to install, so it cost us well more than we were originally planning on.

Later that evening we went to Picnic Point beach in Edmonds and Red Lobster in Lynnwood. Ty liked playing in the sand and seeing the crabs and fishies in the shallow water. In the panorama below, Ty's playing, Martha and I are chatting, and Oscar's on the phone finding out total costs and paying for our new water heater installation.
It was a short but sweet trip and we're looking forward to seeing them again when baby girl arrives.