Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Toddler Ty: Final days as an only child

With baby girl coming so soon, we haven't traveled far from the hospital these past 6 weeks. But since Tyler gets restless and will jump and climb all over me if he doesn't have something to jump and climb on, we've gotten out quite a bit. Here he is "helping" daddy with his smoothie.
Mukilteo library has a little carnival each year with free train rides in their parking lot. Ty seemed only mildly interested while riding it, but then threw a huge fit went it was time to get off. There was also a carnival over in the Everett Mall parking lot a few weeks ago. We walked around a bit there and he really wanted to ride on their little dragon ride. Being this pregnant I couldn't take him on it, so he was pretty sad. I look forward to being able to take him on an amusement park ride again.

While picking up something underneath the table, Ty accidentally slammed his head into the legs on his chair, yet he still managed to put on a happy face for a picture. That bruise lasted about a week.

During August we walked down to Voyager Middle School nearly everyday to get Tyler lunch from their free lunch program. I hadn't realized they served 2 year olds until a friend mentioned it to me. The great thing is that Ty would always eat wonderfully there. I would have happily paid for his meals since it saved me the trouble of cooking, got me some good exercise from walking there and back, and gave him a nice variety of healthy foods. They always had whole wheat breads and fruits and vegetables, and Ty would actually eat them there. It drives me crazy to cut up fruits and veggies for him just to have him take two bites or less. I put them in the fridge and he still never finishes them.

Ty thoroughly enjoyed giving daddy a hair cut. He's my little barber of Everettville!

For a few weeks we catsat our neighbor's cat Rafi (Tyler called him "New Kitty"). There was a bit of tension between him and Nibbler initially (Nibbler is a very dominant male), but they all got used to eat other eventually and seemed to be doing okay. Then on the final day we'd while our friends were driving back from their trip, Rafi escaped onto our porch, jumped down one story, and hopped over the fence into the complex behind us. I had to stop Oscar on his way to stake choir practice to go after him. After 40 minutes of trying unsuccessfully to catch Rafi with the help of a nice guy in that other complex, we left our garage open with cat food and hoped he'd come back. Our friends said he'd gotten out before but had never gone far and had always returned home once it was quiet. To everyone's delight the next morning, he returned home to their house. This was a pleasant surprise since as far as they knew, he'd never crossed the street before.

This event triggered a week of cat drama. I'd recently said to Oscar "Sad. Nibbler never plays fetch anymore," before tossing a long string out of my way. Nibbler immediately retrieved it and returned it to me. That string from Oscar's gym shorts had been sitting around our house for a couple months, and sometimes we or Tyler would dangle it for the cats. After that he started playing fetch with it regularly. Then one day we come home to Nibbler throwing up bile and acting very similar to how he did 5 years ago when he needed emergency surgery. We found the string had been bitten through, and we also found a piece of it that Nibbler had thrown up. We hoped he'd gotten it all out, but by the next day he still didn't want to eat or drink, so we took him to the vet. We spent the next few days concerned for him and wondering if it was going to be bad enough to require $1000 surgery or if they could work it out with the cheaper Barium treatment. They kept him there and observed him for a few days, but forgot to give us an update on Wednesday. We dropped by on Thursday and saw he was eating, and we brought him home Saturday morning after he'd pooped to their satisfaction. Fortunately his total cost was less than $200.

On Friday of that same week we found out Fry had been found after being missing for 2 months. I saw this picture posted on the "Lost Cats of Snohomish County" Facebook page and immediately knew it was Fry. The age was off but everything else was accurate. I tried the shelter but found out he'd already been adopted. The weird thing is they never found his original microchip, so the person I talked to on the phone didn't seem convinced that he was ours, and she wouldn't give me the information of his new owners. I sent an email explaining how I was sure this was my cat, and fortunately they were willing to forward it onto the new owners. The new owners could tell it was him right away. One of them called him "Fry" and he perked right up. They'd gone into the shelter to get a kitten but ended up getting Fry and a kitten since Fry totally charmed them. They said he must have taken a class on how to get adopted. He was in a home with 4 adult females and a kitten, so he's been a bit growly towards Nibbler since coming home. He'd gotten used to being the dominant male in their house. What's hilarious is that they'd actually named him Oscar! They were super nice and returned him to us as soon as they found out. I told them we'd reimburse them their adoption/microchip costs, but they refused. They said they loved having him and we could consider it their "pet rent." I'm glad to know my cat was in the care of such nice ladies.

And the good cat vibes kept coming. Rafi's family had another cat named Sambo that ran away last March. Within a few days of Fry being returned to us, someone brought Sambo into a local vet and he was returned to our friends. Now Rafi has a companion again. They'd left him with us originally because Rafi always gets so lonely when they go on vacation, but now that shouldn't be a problem.

Here's Ty having fun at toddler storytime in downtown Everett. The Snohomish County ones are for ages 18 months - 3 years while these are 18 months to 2 years. There was definitely a difference in the age they were catering to, and Ty clearly preferred this one. They had a superhero theme and gave all the kids capes to wear for the hour. Ty really liked climbing through the pop up tunnel. I may have to pick him up one from IKEA.

Tyler helping name and water the plants (and the neighborhood kids) 
running outside barefoot in pajamas while pushing a doll stroller 
and mopping the street

Cute sleeping guy! I love having the camera in his room, and I love that it has night vision settings.
We let Tyler pick some blackberries near our house. At one point he grabbed an unripe red one and we said "yuck, Tyler. Don't eat the red ones." He then held it up to me and said "mama eat it."

Here's me at 36 weeks. You can start to see the breechiness of baby in the side profiles. Her little head just sticks right out of my ribs.

Oscar felt very manly fixing our garage torsion spring all by himself. It cost 1/3rd as much as hiring a professional.

There's nothing to see in this video, but it's hilarious. Tyler unintentionally recorded himself when he grabbed Oscar's phone. He often grabs the phone or remote and says "Google" to it, just like daddy.

Ty loves going to the Everett children's museum. I usually take him once a month for free night. He gets crazy stimulated there. He's like one big bouncy ball of energy.

Driving the bus.

They have a really neat playground up on their roof.
Cute little explorer in their dinosaur dig area.

Playing with musical instruments.
He has absolutely no fear of their big yellow slide. He climbs up and does it all by himself. I intended to go with him his first time, but he ran in on his own and then a bunch of kids cut in front of me. I had to race down the stairs to meet him at the bottom before he ran off. Since then I just let him do it on his own and wait for him at the bottom.

Looking cute at Stake conference. He needs some little ties for church.

What a sweet little helper!

I went in for an external cephallic version a few days after finding out baby girl was breech. Unfortunately it didn't work. :( She didn't want to turn over, but everything else did that weekend. We had a huge windstorm (Seattle's biggest summer windstorm on record) that knocked down lots of trees, power lines, and debris. We were out of power for 9 hours. Some were out for several days to a week.

Helping daddy make our new stair doors. There are little holes in the corner for the kitties to get through. Tyler get jumping on and damaging our other gates. These are safer and more effective.

Having fun at Island time in MillCreek
Carolyn (Sambo and Rafi's owner) and I took our boys to "Pump it Up" last Thursday. Ty loved the inflatables, but he seemed most interested in the air hockey tables. At one point I had to go chasing after him when he grabbed the puck and ran off in the middle of someone else's game.
More adorable sleeping pics. I'm going to have so many of these now that there's a camera in his room.
Though one time he poop painted the room instead of taking a nap...

I've brought the boppys out since I've discovered they also make really nice maternity support pillows. One time when I told Ty he could watch Cookie Monster, he went right up and sat in the boppy.

And 39 weeks pregnant! Baby's coming this Friday!
Even Tyler's getting excited for his baby sister. He currently thinks everything is pink.

Other memorable moments include:

I pulled out the baby swing from storage. Tyler hopped into it and said "Now mama sing." So sweet!

Tyler wouldn't eat a bite of breakfast one day until all of these things had happened. "No mommy. I don't want honeycomb cereal. I want cornflakes. And I don't want just one bowl. I want a 2nd empty bowl so I can pour one bowl into the other. But I don't want you to put milk in them. I want a separate cup of chocolate milk to pour into them myself."

Tyler said thank you at an appropriate time without being asked

Tyler attempts to make and use his own bubble solution by filling his empty containers up with water and soap from the bathroom.

He's beginning to understand if then type statements. One time I said "If you take your water to bed with you, you can't play with Scout" (Scout is an electronic toy that reads to him, and Tyler spills water everywhere, so it's not wise to let him have water around electronics). He thought about it for a few seconds and said "all done water."

Ty yelled down the stairs "Oscar we're coming."

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  1. Tomorrow is the big day Stacy and you are in my prayers that all will go well with baby turning. I love you so much and Oscar's parents should be in late tonight to be with you tomorrow taking care of Tyler Love you my sweet to be mother and daughter