Saturday, September 5, 2015

Toddler Ty: Jumping in July

We didn't have any particular plans for the 4th, but after most of the day had passed and we'd done nothing different from any other day, I insisted we find something festive to do for the evening. We didn't originally intend to take Tyler to the fireworks since they were well past bedtime and we didn't think he'd do too well sitting around on the grass for 2-3 hours, but he ended up getting a 3.5 hour nap, which opened up some more possibilities for us. I did some research and found out north Everett has a little 4th of July festival at Legion Memorial park. With lots to entertain him, we decided to brave the crowds and go downtown. While the parking we found wasn't exactly close, we discovered on our way out that anyone who'd parked closer was having a really difficult time getting out due to all the foot traffic. Since we had no problem leaving, I'd say we had pretty good parking.

 There were several bounce houses and inflatable slides, which Ty absolutely loved! 
They had some crafts, so Ty made his own little hat, which to our astonishment, he actually kept on for a decent amount of time. We typically have very little luck getting Ty to wear accessories.
We had some tasty food and took Ty over to the playground. On our way back we ran into the Hesch and Lamborn families that are in our ward, so we moved our stuff over to hang out next to them before the show. While we waited we could see random fireworks going off across the water on Camano and Whidbey Islands. Ty was getting too zoned out to play by then, and there were still about 45 minutes left, but he happily sat in the Hesch's stroller and watched helicopters on Oscar's phone while we waited for the show. His reaction to the actual fireworks was a bit underwhelming since he was so tired, but overall it was a good show. Our only real disappointment was the finale. It was a bit weak and it ended on some random country song neither of us had ever heard before. The crowd didn't seem to realize it had come to an end either. We were all expecting the big "Stars and Stripes Forever" type finale.

July was Seattle's hottest month ever (no exaggeration), so we spent a lot of time at splash parks. Forest park is a great one since they also have a large playground with lots of slides and an animal farm. Ty still doesn't like getting splashed when he's not expecting it, but he loves playing with the water.
He's typically a happy little guy, but he definitely has his random moments of sadness.
He can get pretty messy while he eats, so sometimes we put an old shirt of Oscar's over him while he's having a meal.
Here he is having a random meltdown and then going to sleep zonked after church. Nap is normally around 12:30 or 1:00pm, so our 12:30-3:30pm church meeting is always a bit challenging for him.

He has a lot of fun with yogurt!

This messy eating often results in a bath. One time Oscar combed his hair to look like Donald Trump's combover.

The terrible twos are definitely upon us. The top video is Ty having fun playing with bubbles, especially with our big industrial strength fan blowing them all around. The bottom video is him going from having fun to randomly freaking out and throwing a tantrum for no discernable reason. This is a daily (sometimes hourly) occurrence.

Baby girl kept growing but unfortunately did not turn head down. She's still breech at 39 weeks. I've been told your alignment can get thrown off from holding a heavy toddler on your hip. From the look of the pic on the right though, you'd think she'd want to get her head away from Tyler's butt and thighs.

 Tyler having fun playing with Oscar's deoderant and having our home teachers read him a book.
In late July Tyler finally had his first haircut. I took him up to my friend Beka's house in Marysville. He was starting to get a mullet. Here are the before and after pictures. I have no idea why he insisted on touching his butt in the after pics.
After his haircut he had fun playing with their chickens, ducks, and goats and jumping on their trampoline. Beka sent us home with some of her chicken/duck eggs and Oscar made a tasty chocolate souflee' out of them. The jumping and playing wore our Ty guy out and he zonked right out in his bed that night.

Other cute moments from July include

Oscar sneezes. Tyler says "bless you dada." We coo adoringly, and I say "Tyler are we just complete suckers for your cuteness?" to which Tyler responds "bless you suckers."

Oscar taught Ty how to do a fist bump. He can even do the "pshew" sound after the fists hit each other. Keep that in mind while I mention that we like to play around with him by pretending to eat him. We'll say "tasty head" then pretend to much his head, "tasty arm" then pretend to munch his arm, etc. Ty loves this game and will even make requests - "tasty nose," "tasty ear," etc. One time he requested "tasty pshew!" LOL! He must think a fist is called a "pshew."

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  1. How adorable. He is growing up sooooooooooooooooooo fast. He be in kindertarten before you know it. Just keep loving him through thick and thin or ups and downs