Monday, September 7, 2015

Toddler Ty: Road Trip to North Cascades National Park

North Cascades Getaway

At the end of July, we took Myla and Kienna up with us for a roadtrip through the North Cascades and over to Winthrop, WA. Thank goodness we planned it before the big Washington fires! Our first stop was Ladder Creek Falls. Most of the waterfalls during this dry year weren't great, but this one was pretty decent.
Myla and Kienna enjoyed getting some sweet cuddles from Tyler. He's so lovey these days!

Ty had fun exploring down by the dam. The water here is a beautiful turquoise color.

Next we drove them up to lovely Lake Diablo, which never fails to impress. We'd been here twice before, and this was the first time it wasn't crazy windy.
I couldn't get both the lake and the scenery in the same panorama, so you'll have to put these two pics together in your brain to get an idea of our view.
There was a friendly dog nearby. Ty was thoroughly entertained playing fetch with him with pinecones (though a couple times we had to stop him from throwing rocks). At one point he was basically feeding him the pinecones and accidentally got nipped. He was sad, but he got over it quickly and started throwing them again.

Next we drove 60 more miles to the Wild West town of Winthrop where we had lunch at Three Fingered Jacks. The food was delicious but the service was incredibly slow. The waitresses were on top of drinks and such, so we're guessing they just did not have enough cooks in the kitchen for the amount of people that were in the restaurant.

Afterwards we grabbed homemade ice cream and I'd hoped to play mini golf on their little course. We opted out of the mini golf, though, since lunch had taken so long and since there were bees everywhere! It was incredibly hot, over 100 degrees, and they were just swarming around all the ice cream.

And lastly we took a hike to Rainy Lake. Ty enjoyed kicking Myla while in the backpack setting on the baby carrier. It's definitely getting a bit too small for him, even if it says it can handle up to 40 pounds.
And having fun with Kienna's glasses on the long drive home.

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  1. Gorgeous pic sweet daughter and what cute videos of Ty running and playing with the girls as well as finding pine cones and throwing pine cones for the random dog to catch or run after. The lakes were soooooooooooooooooo beautiful. Looks like all of you had sooooooooooooooooooo much fun