Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Allison's Baby Shower

I did not originally intend to have a baby shower for Allison. I had all the big baby stuff (crib, carseat, swing, play gym, etc.) from Tyler's infancy, and my mom with her crazy couponing at Kohls and The Children's Place had already spoiled her with tons of clothes and accessories. But when my friend Becky Jensen kindly offered to throw me a baby shower, I certainly wasn't going to refuse. She basically said "I've been meaning to throw you a baby shower and just keep forgetting. How's next Tuesday?" It was planned last minute, but it was fantastic! I couldn't have asked for a better one.

In addition to being fun and adorable, this ended up having an unexpected, wonderful side effect. I'd recently learned that Allison was breech and seemed very unlikely to turn. Just knowing that a baby shower was going to happen helped me get excited to have a baby girl again after all my anxiety and efforts to avoid her upcoming C section. It was awesome! It was great to see so many ladies dote on my baby before she'd even arrived, and I got some great C section advice from women who'd been through it. It was sorely needed and very appreciated.

Becky asked what our colors were, but since Allison's crib is currently in our room and we won't be setting up a nursery until after my mom's visit, we hadn't even thought about it. All I could say is "Oscar hates pastels." I gave Becky absolutely nothing to work with and she still came up with an adorable theme. She emailed me a few ideas for a ladybug theme, and I loved it! Red, white, and black had been our colors for our wedding, so I knew Oscar would appreciate it too. The decorations looked fantastic.

The food was excellent, and the desserts and drinks were even ladybug themed! I particularly liked the mini cheesecakes and Reese's brownies!

I'd been to another shower Becky threw for my friend Alexa, and in both cases she did an excellent job of using gifts as decorations. The outfits on the wall were her gifts to Allison and the blocks were handmade by Keri Parr.

I was grateful and impressed by the amount of ladybug and red/white/black themed clothing Becky found. We ladybugged Allison up in the smallest outfit for her first day of church. Even with thick socks, those size zero shoes were still falling off.

Nikki Cason gave Allison diapers, this newborn cupcake bodysuit, and a cute kitty cat outfit.
Alison Herron gave Allison Hunt this lovely newborn outfit as well as this hooded outfit.

Ashley Stahle gave Allison a gray newborn bodysuit and some cute headbands.

Myla and Kienna gave Allison this cute taggies set in addition to a bunch of gently used hand me downs from an aquaintance of their aunt's. Cynthia Scoggin also gave Allison this same set, but fortunately it was in a different size.

Tamara Walchli gave Allison two newborn sleepers, Aimee Hall gave her diapers, ladybug socks, and a lamb lovey (picked out specifically by her daughter Kayla), and Julie George gave her a pacifier that closes before dropping on the floor, a photo album, and a green and pink flowered dress.

Kathryn Camara and Linda Cason each gifted Allison pretty little hats.

And Becky Sommers really spoiled her. She gave her this cute winter coat and dress, disposable diapers, changing mats, and bibs, and a box full of adorable gently used hand me downs. It was largely thanks to that box that Allison ended up with tons of adorable little socks.

Some weren't able to make it to the shower but still gave gifts. Cynthia came by the house with this cute bin, which I thought was a nice gift. Little did I know it was full of many other gifts, including these two beautiful comforters, which Allison absolutely loves.

Lea Butlay gave Allison this cute outfit set (including coat) and Carolyn Brown gave her two cute bumblebee burp cloths.
Yumi gifted Alli an outfit, socks, and hat, Carla gave her these little warm booties, and Trisha and Loreia Lamborn gave Allison three adorable dress/skirt/pants sets. Someone else sent a white, warm winter outfit I'd put on Allison's baby registry. It was delivered in the mail from Amazon without a note from whoever sent it. 

Thanks everyone for the lovely shower and beautiful gifts! I'll try to keep updating this post with pics of Allison wearing the rest of her gifts as she grows into them.

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