Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Timeline 2015

2015 was a great year. We learned we were pregnant with Allison on January 4th while Tyler got a head start on the terrible twos by dropping to one nap, learning to climb on everything, and thwarting our attempts to childproof the house. See more in Toddler Ty: 20 - 21 Months.

In February we left Ty home with mom and celebrated our 9 year anniversary trip at Mt St Helens and the Columbia River Gorge.

In March we drove with mom back to Utah then flew home after a great week with the cousins. Ty went through some serious extended family withdrawals when we got home. See more in Toddler Ty: March Madness.
Meanwhile my belly started popping out, but it was only noticeable to me.

In early April I took Tyler up to the Tulip Festival and to a nearby farm to feed the animals. Read more in Tyler in the Tulips.

I always go waterfalling in the spring, and since Myla and Kienna had never been down to Oregon, we took them down to the Columbia River Gorge and to Silver Falls State Park.
 I began popping out a bit more. It was starting to get noticeable.

We also had a fun Easter with Tyler and he hit a couple nice milestones. He learned how to walk down the stairs instead of crawling or sliding, and he started playing on the playground more independently. At the very end of the month we had our 20 week ultrasound and learned Allison was a girl. See more in Toddler Ty: April Adventures.

In May Tyler got a new toddler bed (though he wasn't ready to sleep in it for a little longer), and we celebrated his and Oscar's birthdays. He continued being a great sleeper, and one morning after going to bed an hour late and waking up an hour early, he fell asleep while sitting on daddy's shoulders. See more in Toddler Ty: May Mayhem.

In June we had much more sun than usual, which made for a lot of extra outdoor time. We also a fun visit from Oscar's parents and took a road trip with Tyler through Portland, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, and the east side of Mount Saint Helens. By the end of the month Tyler had transitioned himself to sleeping regularly in the toddler bed.
 Read more in Toddler Ty: June is Bustin' Out All Over Parts I, II, and III.

By July I was getting pretty big, but Tyler still wanted me to hold pick him up for "mommy huggies."

We celebrated July 4th at Legion Memorial Park with Tyler, and later that month he had his first haircut.

 We also took Myla and Kienna up for a road trip through North Cascades National Park and Winthrop.

By August I was looking huge but cute! We also learned Allison was breech.

Ty spent his final days as an only child getting dirty and injured.

By September I'd fully popped out, though most people told me I looked small for 9 months.

 On September 8th Becky Jensen threw me a fun baby shower for Allison

And on September 11th, Allison Eve Hunt joined our family! Read more in Allison's C section and hospital stay.

Oscar and I bonded with our sweet baby girl during Allison's first week home while Oscar's parents took Tyler on a road trip back to Utah for a week. Tyler had lots of fun being spoiled by both sides of the family and playing with all of his Utah cousins.

The Hunts brought Tyler home on September 20th and we spent the new few weeks adjusting to being a family of four while I was still recovering from my C section. Read more in Reunited and it Feels so Good.

In October mom came up to help out, which was nice since Tyler was not understanding how much less I could play with him with a new baby and while recovering from surgery. Read more in October 2015 - Part I: Everyday Moments.
We also had another visit from Oscar's parents when we had baby Allison blessed. Throughout the month we took advantage of the nice weather and festivities to visit two pumpkin patchs, Wild Waves themepark, and celebrating Halloween by trick-or-treating four separate times. Read more in October 2015 - Part III: Fall Fun.

By November I had mostly recovered and was lucky to have mom's help figuring out how to be a mom to a toddler and a baby. Although it's not easy, it was much less challenging without my post-surgery limitations. Allison kept growing up fast and Tyler adjusted wonderfully to having a little sister around. 

We had a nice Thanksgiving with my sister and family and were already looking for Christmas lights the very next day.

Read more in November 2015: Parts I and II.

And in December we had fun dressing the kids up in their Christmas outfits, going to two ward parties, and singing in two ward choirs plus the stake choir. The kids got lots of great gifts for Christmas, had fun seeing Christmas lights, and Allison gave us her first giggles on New Year's Eve.