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December 2015

Mom flew home at the beginning of December, but before she left we all went out to for dinner at Olive Garden. Even though there were only the 5 of us, they gave us our own private room, which was really convenient with two kids. Tyler apparently didn't get enough to eat though, and grabbed a bag of corn flakes to eat later.

Prior to dinner we'd driven to Fir Grove to see some Christmas lights, but on our way Allison had some massive projectile vomiting in her car seat. We had to pull over and get her changed before continuing on. Thank goodness I had a spare outfit!
Swinging sister! Mom would sing Tyler "rock-a-bye baby" sometimes, and the next thing we knew we found him pushing Allison in the swing and saying "rock a baby in the trees."

I love seeing these two watching the mobiles together. Our old mobile was wind up and only lasted a couple minutes before needing to be rewound. Since Allison can watch it for much longer periods, we invested in a portable one that lasts up to 30 minutes.

Our ward and stake boundaries changed in late November, so we ended up in a new ward and were released from our previous callings and responsibilities. The new ward didn't give us long to rest, though. At the Christmas party on the first weekend of December, Oscar sang 4 songs with a group of 7 other guys, I played the piano for one piece, sang "Tu Scendi dalle Stelle" with other Italian speakers, and sang a solo (Sans Day Carol).

I'd found an adorable elf outfit for Allison at the Jack and Jill consignment sale and dug out Ty's old Santa jammies from last year. They looked so cute!

Ty getting his hair buzzed while watching YouTube kids.

Ty's at the "I want to do everything myself" stage, but he doesn't quite have the ability to push the vacuum around on his own. He cried until I let him do it alone and then cried because he couldn't do it on his own. He also threw a tantrum another time when he'd just gotten out of the bath and wanted to vacuum while soaking wet and naked.

Tyler cracks us up sometimes. He wants to make song suggestions for us when we sing him to sleep at night, but he doesn't actually know what he wants, so he just says whatever pops in his head. One time he asked daddy to sing "pink amen."

Ty's becoming more and more interactive at storytime and retaining a lot of what he learns there. We do a little game called "criss cross applesauce" to him, and out of nowhere one day he went up and did it to Oscar, completely memorized (criss cross applesauce spiders crawling up your back cool breeze tight squeeze and now I'm going to tickle you).

During our first week in church in our new ward, during the silence while sacrament was being passed, Tyler loudly said "more singing," "more bread," and "more amen." He loves prayer time, actually. One time Oscar and I knelt down to pray on the couch while Tyler was in his booster seat having breakfast, and he cried because he wanted to kneel and pray with us (we let him).

I undressed Alli then put her on the recliner while I ran upstairs to get her a new outfit. While I was gone Oscar played with her and got several super cute pictures of her with some of her best smiles. In early December we started getting some audible sounds of amusement from Alli, and on New Year's Eve she gave us her first genuine giggles.

Alli is the type that can go several days without pooping and then have huge blowouts. You know it's going to be a fun diaper when you find a little poop on her sock...

This is how Tyler sleeps - covered in stuffed animals. Sometimes it scares me a little when they're on his face.

In December we traded in our 2010 Prius with 109,000+ miles for a 2013 with only 31,000 miles.

 Ah the joy this mobile has brought to my children. Who knew Tyler would be so interested in it too?

I broiled up a bunch of bacon one day from a huge container we'd purchased through Zaycon. Tyler had been refusing to eat anything I'd given him for lunch, but he really wanted the bacon. I think he ate about 8 slices. This was big, thick bacon too.

I hadn't planned on potty training Ty until he was 3, but he started showing some interest, and he'll now pee on command on the potty. However, he will not poop in the potty, even if we can tell he's trying to in his diaper. If we stick him on the potty when he's clearly trying to push it out, he screams and fights it and will then go poop in some corner once we put his diaper back on.

I love how easily entertained she is. It's a nice break after how demanding Tyler was. Thank goodness he came first!

She started growing out of her SwaddleMe blankets, so we attempted to wean her off of the swaddle and get her into sleepsacks. It seemed to work at first but then she regressed and was sleeping so badly I started swaddling her again. I was thrilled when we received the next size up SwaddleMe blankets for Christmas.

 So cute!

Daddy attempting to wrangle to wiggly kiddos.
They're just so sweet! It's so fun to watch them playing together. We're always keeping a close watch, though, since Ty doesn't know his own strength and can easily hurt her.

Ty's skin is paler, which is typical of redheads, but otherwise I think they look a lot alike. They're just so "ducking adorable!"

One time daddy gave her a bath holding her by his feet. Oscar is the bath giver. It terrifies me that I will drop them in the water or smack their heads against the tub.

Tyler loved playing with some Christmas temporary tattoos I had. They were all over his arms, legs, hands, and feet.

 Love the cuddles!

 My beautiful girl! Dipa was thrilled to meet Allison after watching me workout all throughout my 3rd trimester.

We ended up going to our old ward Christmas party too since we were already at the building for choir practice. Since there'd been such a drastic change right in the middle of preparing for the Christmas service, several of us helped out with both choirs. I preferred the Santa picture from this party, and everyone adored seeing Allison in her little Elf costume. It had fit her perfectly 2 weeks before and now it was getting super snug.

My baby girl wants to hug the world!

This year we tried out a new Christmas activity - a train ride around Cedar Crest golf course in Marysville. My pictures are terrible since we were in motion, but it was really cool. Allison fell asleep in daddy's arms the whole time, but Tyler really liked it. 

We also checked out a nearby house that decks out every year for Christmas.

Man that girl loves her mobiles! Sometimes she'll even put herself to sleep while watching them.

Ty having fun at Pump it Up. I was a little concerned to take him here with Allison since I couldn't play with him, but he did really well on his own and made some friends.

Love this little Alli girl!
Tyler laughing at himself crying on Oscar's phone

Love these smiles!

Oscar had to work from 8am - 2pm on Christmas day, but the Fitches in our ward invited us for a scone breakfast at their house. Tyler had fun playing with their kids, and Warren dressed him up as a shepherd boy.

I told Tyler it was Jesus' birthday, so he went around saying "Happy Birthday Jesus!" When I told him we typically say "Merry Christmas," he replied with "Merry Christmas Tree!"

While playing with his little nativity set, Tyler said "Joseph, Joseph, what do you see?" to the tune of brown bear, brown bear what do you see.
My sister and her family came over for Christmas dinner and brought a Yule log cake with them. I tried to put Alli in her elf costume, but by then it had become uncomfortably tight on her. It's amazing how fast she grew in only a few weeks. Instead she's wearing an outfit that says "summer at last" on Christmas day.
We did our Christmas present opening the day after since I wanted Tyler to be able to come down the stairs to a tree overflowing with presents, something I always loved when I was a kid.
He really liked the trucks mom got him, and Alli looked adorable in the "Muggle Born" onesie from Mike and Shannon. We put her down for a nap in her new large size SwaddleMe.
Ty loves his new tumbler train!
Pretty girl!
Cute, Cute, Cute!

My little 80's baby in pants that look like fruit stripe gum.

All that flailing and Ty just sat next to her happily.
We brought out the baby seat and the jumperoo for Alli after we put the Christmas tree away. She loves having different positions to hang out in besides laying down, and she'll occasionally touch a toy or two. It's best when Ty gets down and plays with the toys because then watching him entertains her.
 She'll do tummy time with less complaint than Tyler would, but she doesn't love it either.
 There was no way we were staying up till New Year, so we rang in New Year with the kids at 8pm (it was New Year somewhere, right? Peru maybe?). And Allison finished the year off right by making her first genuine giggles! She gave Oscar some good chuckles while he was playing with her and then laughed for me while I was entertaining her with her lamb lovey rattle.

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