Wednesday, January 6, 2016

November 2015: Part II

 Sweet little ladybug! She looks like a doll in the middle picture. I love seeing Allison all dressed up, but man I hate doing it. The headbands get in the way while she nurses, they leave marks on her head (Oscar marks easily and has passed that on to his children), and it takes a ton more time.

My team teacher with the CTR 4 class commissioned Kim Houser from the ward to make this lovely cloth for Allison. She said she'd had the pattern for years and had always wanted an excuse to use it.

 Just can't get enough snuggles! Mom agrees.

One day while Tyler was throwing a huge tantrum, I was taking him to his room when I tripped over my own pants and dropped Allison on the ground. Thankfully she fell forward with her hands splayed out, but I felt horrible. I had a nasty bruise for weeks, I'd just dropped my baby, and Tyler was still throwing a tantrum. We all came downstairs upset. Fortunately it was just a hard impact with no serious injuries, but it's made me a lot more cautious about how long my pants are.

 She "whaley" loves daddy! We have all these adorable pictures of her where she looks so sweet, but the pic on the right is often what she's actually doing while we're trying to get these pictures.

Here's Tyler in the cart at Fred Meyer the night we had a big blackout. Our power was out from noon to 9:00pm. It was super dark at the house and we needed to eat, so we braved the traffic and got out of the house. There was a Relief Society soup and salad dinner that night, so Allison and I went there while Oscar and Tyler went to Fred Meyer. Fred Meyer still had power and the church did until about 5 minutes before we got there. Fortunately there was a back up generator to give us minimal lighting so we could at least enjoy our dinner. Oscar and Tyler got ham and cheese from the deli and Tyler proceeded to devour it all. You would have thought he was some starving boy we'd picked up off the street. He's so funny. Sometimes he'll eat next to nothing all day and then sometimes he'll eat more than we do. 

 Looking very ladybugish in her little black dress with red and white tights and ladybug socks.

Tyler's started requesting songs at night, but they're not all real songs. Lately he's been asking us to "sing carrot." This is the song I came up with, sung to the tune of "I am like a star shining brightly."

Carrots are so tasty and yummy,
Celery with peanut butter too.
Broccoli is nice
With cheese and white rice
And asparagus is good in soup.

One day while cooking with daddy, Tyler wanted to be a pepper, so he pulled off the stickers on the bell peppers and stuck them on his arms.

I love how much this little guy loves his sister. I was prepared for sibling rivalry and resentment when she was born, but this has not been our situation. I'm enjoying it while it lasts. He's still too rough with her (teaching him to be gentle is a losing battle), but he absolutely adores her. He treats her with as much love as his favorite stuffed animals. Sometimes he even gets down and plays with her and her toys.
Irresistible girl!

For Thanksgiving we had the Kawaguchi family over, including Chang's brother Tatsuma and his mom Jean. We had a fantastic spread and great company. Later in the day Tyler and Allison watched the crib mobile together and Oscar got awesome pictures of the two of them together.
I learned a good lesson that month that Tyler responds much better to praise than discipline. One time he gleefully ran away with my makeup then brought it right back when I asked him nicely "please! Mama needs it." He loves being thanked when he's obedient.

The day after Thanksgiving we drove down to Evergreen church for their Christmas light show. We went last year and enjoyed the show enough that it was worth returning. Tyler also really likes their Christmas train set indoors. They also had coloring for Tyler and cookies and hot chocolate inside. While we were sitting down a lady came up and took our picture. It printed out this tiny little polaroid that they let us keep. I can't believe they still make polaroids! Every time I look at it and Tyler's enormous red eyes it's hard not to believe it was taken back in the 1980's.

 Precious girl in pink!

We also took a trip to the Seattle Zoo with the Kawaguchi family. The Saturday after Thanksgiving on a clear day is WAY busier than a weeknight that's been pouring rain all day. I didn't take many pics since we took lots last year and I had a stroller to push this time.
Allison putting herself down after some good playtime.
Daddy-daughter time!

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