Saturday, January 2, 2016

October 2015 - Part I: Everyday Moments

Tyler's getting so big these days! Here he is playing on his "Go Diego Go" bike in the little bit of back yard we have. When we first bought a house I didn't think I cared about having a yard, but now that I have a toddler, I wish we did. When he's been in friends' yards he gets all his energy out with so much less destruction than he does in the house.

Cuddles with our girl! Tyler wasn't too thrilled about her being wrapped up in his Elmo blanket. My brother Mike was given that Elmo Snuggie as a white elephant gift, and he passed it onto us when he saw how much Tyler loved it.

Daddy often took Tyler out to play with "happy spiders." They'd feed smaller bugs to a couple of spiders on ours and our neighbor's houses. He took many close up pictures of the spiders, but I intentionally did not include them. They're scarifying!

Sometimes we'd put a tarp under Tyler since so much of his food gets on the ground. Fry decided it was a great place to take a nap.

 "I see you!"

Allison started getting pretty grabby with her little hands, so we brought out Tyler's old play gym for her. Sometimes Tyler gets down and plays with it with her.

Sweet sleepy girl!

Allison woke up a LOT at night those first months, like every hour or 2. She'd often fall asleep in the middle of her feedings, so she'd get hungry in the middle of the night. I'd always try to feed her right before bed to give myself as long as possible before the next wake up, but on this particular night she did not want to wake up. It's so cute to watch her startle but refuse to wake.

Mom came up at the beginning of October to help out while I recovered from surgery and adjusted to being a mom of 2. She loved holding Allison and never put her down unless she absolutely had to.

 Isn't she precious?!!!
 She was still in her newborn clothes, and weighed in at 9 pounds 3 ounces at her 1 month checkup.

For awhile we tried taking Tyler to storytime with all 4 of us. I'd hoped mom would be there to interact with him while I took care of baby, but Tyler always wanted me. It was a bit challenging since he'd sit in front of my lap and bounce back into my incision when he'd get excited. As the weeks went by and I began healing I started leaving mom home with Allison while I took Tyler to Storytime. It was just easier that way, and Alli was willing to take a bottle for mom.

It was nice to see her getting to an age where she can start grabbing a few toys and responding to lights and sounds. 
 We liked putting Tyler in his monkey outfit and putting him in the monkey rocker so there'd be a monkey on a monkey on a monkey. With Alli we had two outfits with lots of monkeys, so we did lots of monkeyception pics of her too.

 My little bugs!

 Grandma getting some good Alli snuggles.

"Daddy does my hair"
All ready for church. I love how Oscar addressed our tithing envelope that day.
I love that little belly right after she eats.

Love seeing this boy loving his sister. He loves to hold her, but we have to be careful when he's done because he'll try to push her off his lap.
This is the picture I'll show them one day when they're older and fighting. I'll be like "but look how much you love each other!"
Sweet girl!

Leela - our little yoga cat

 "Whatcha' dressin' me in, mama?"

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