Saturday, January 2, 2016

October 2015 - Part II: Allison's Blessing Day

On October 11th, Allison's one month birthday, Oscar gave Allison a name and a blessing during fast and testimony meeting at church. Oscar's parents drove up to be there before heading for the Oregon coast, their favorite vacation spot. Oscar and Tyler wrote "welcome" in sidewalk chalk for their arrival. Tyler was eager to see granny and grandpa again.
They played with Ty and Alli for a bit before we all went over to church together.

 Mom had saved my own blessing dress and blanket, but somehow the slip underneath had been lost. Martha let us borrow the slip from her own blessing dress, so Alli's outfit ended up being passed down from both families.

I was asked to substitute as primary pianist for the day, so Marcus and Martha came into primary with me for the 2 hours before Sacrament meeting. When I had to nurse Alli, Marcus took over at the piano. They got some good cuddle time with Allison and lots of sweet pictures.

During the blessing itself Tyler fell asleep in Martha's arms. He was TIRED! It'd been months and months since he'd fallen asleep in someone's arms.

After church Marcus and Martha wanted to take family pictures. This went a bit crazy since Allison was hungry, but I couldn't feed her since Tyler was crazy tired and needed his nap. He'd only slept about 10 minutes in Martha's arms and it was 4 hours past his bedtime. It made for some interesting pictures. Mom was taking pictures while Marcus was, so it's common for only one of us to be looking at the right camera at the right time.
 Not sure that we got any great pics. The best were just okay.
Though I do love this one of my boys wearing their hats.
3 generations of Hunt men
And a family pic with Oscar's parents, though Tyler and Allison were less thn thrilled.

Marcus and Martha got a few more cuddles in with Alli after she'd finally been fed and changed.

And Alli got a few more cuddles with her grandmas before granny and grandpa continued their trip to the coast. She was super photogenic and full of personality for these pics!

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