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October 2015 - Part III: Fall Fun

October is a fun month. You get the beautiful fall colors, Halloween festivities, and it's still sunny and warm enough to spend time outdoors. Since Ty had had such a fun time going to Frightmares at Lagoon in Utah, I wanted to take him to our amusement park equivalent, Wild Waves. In addition to the amusement park rides they had an area for kids with a bouncy house obstacle course, slides, coloring, and crafts, all of which Ty thoroughly enjoyed. My only major complaint was that it opened far too late. During October they're only open on the weekends, 6pm on Friday and 5pm on Saturdays. This is far too late for children. All of my Saturdays were booked that month, so it had to be a Friday, and it was only about an hour before it was completely dark and Tyler started zoning out. I also think they charge too much for such limited attractions and limited hours. It's an hour away (two with traffic on our way down), and the amount of effort it took us to get 2 young children there and back was not worth the amount of enjoyment we got out of it. I don't know why they wouldn't want to remain open all day on Saturdays like Lagoon does. The lines were long and the park was crowded, so I'm sure it would bring them in more business.
In spite of all that, we did have a lot of fun while we were there. Ty liked the rides, but he didn't like being alone on them. He seemed excited to go on the ride in the pic on the left, but then when it started and I wasn't on there with him, he cried the whole time. When it was over he climbed out of it on his own, which was terrifying for me. What if he'd done that while it was in motion?! They really need a better restraint system for it. He was much happier if he rode with someone, even if it wasn't someone he knew. He was able to go on the frog hopper and the mini coaster with me, which he absolutely loved. He giggled the entire time on those. I've never seen him happier.
I knew Ty would want to go on the train, but there were only two carts with enough room for an adult, so I couldn't go with him unless I wanted to wait a really long time. I sent Ty along with this mom and son, and he did just fine. He liked watching me waving to him and kept saying "choo choo train!"

We finished the night with the planes, and I definitely couldn't go with him on this one. Fortunately the kid he rode with was awesome! He helped Tyler in and out of the plane and interacted with him during it. Someone's teaching their kid right! Allison snoozed most of our visit, and nursed when she wasn't snoozing. I brought the Moby wrap and tried to carry her in it, but ended up struggling too much to get it right in the dark.

We also took Ty to Chuck E Cheese a couple times that month. The play area is too big for him without shoes (he slips while climbing in socks) so sometimes if we go when it's not crowded I let him keep them on.
He looks bored on these rides but he actually loves them and cries when it's time to leave. Allison just hung out in her carseat most of the time, which was a bit difficult since their booths are super small. We went through lots of tokens just to get enough tickets for a monster truck, the only toy in the prize area he was interested in. Some of their games are just like gambling. They make you think you'll get a big pay off, and occasionally you do, but most of the time you get nothing or next to nothing.The one I like most is Operation. Theirs is way better than the board game equivalent.

We also went back to Bob's Pumpkin Patch, but on a weekend this time when they have more activities available. I was a bit disappointed by their advertised apple cider donuts. I could not get the apple cider flavor from them at all. Otherwise it was a lot of fun.
 Ty was actually willing to pose in the cardboard cutouts. I LOVE the one of him driving the truck.
Ty really liked the hayride. He had no interest in the corn maze or pumpkin patch it took us to. As soon as we got there he wanted to get back on the truck.
Tyler, Allison, and I did the rope maze after we got back. It was challenging! Ty just ran around and under the ropes while I solved it. I was able to do it on the way in and tried to do the way out but Ty had a meltdown before I could finish it.
A hot air balloon came over the pumpkin patch and landed not far from us. Ty was thrilled.
They had more activities, but Ty gets overstimulated pretty easily and was at his breaking point by then. Hopefully we'll get to do a bit more next year.

Our ward chili and Halloween party was super fun, much better now that we had a child that could walk around doing the trunk or treat. I had a lion costume for Ty passed down from Ethan, and he loved it as soon as he saw it. It barely fit him since it was for ages 12-24 months, but it kept him nice and warm for the cold Halloween days. He often asked to wear his "lion coat."
Allison was a black widow. We'd intended to make a web around her but didn't have the energy or patience for it. Mom took Ty around to the different activities while I nursed Allison and then went through the haunted house with Oscar. Both years it's been super cool. I can't believe how much they make of just the primary and relief society rooms.

The only downside was that I had some killer back pain after carrying Allison around that evening in the baby Bjorn. It was more than I'd put my back through in a long time since I wasn't allowed to do much lifting after the C section. It kept paining me for a couple of weeks.

I also took Ty to Craven Farms, the farm we'd gone to last year that he'd throughly enjoyed. The weather said it would be the last sunny day of the month, and it was, but not until later in the afternoon. When we were there it was foggy and muddy.
We still had fun, though. I liked the ninja pumpkins, and the 3D story in the barn was super cute, though Ty was not interested in keeping his 3D glasses on. Ty liked climbing in all the different play areas, like an old boat and an old car. I had to be extra attentive to him since there was a LOT of muddy water around them.

On Halloween day we took Ty and Allison to Fred Meyer for trick or treating at noon. They had a little scavenger hunt with clues to get you to your next station, like the nursery, the bakery, or the electronics section (basically anywhere there was an attendent to give out candy. You wouldn't have found anything down, say, the bread aisle).
After Ty's nap we took the kids over to Oscar's work to trick or treat. Allison got a costume change into a spinach burrito Oscar the Grouch found in his trash can. Notice the little tomatoes behind her head. Holding her in that foil kept scraching up my arms. Oscar took her since his costume prevented that from happening as much to him. His coworkers were delighted to meet her and see how much Tyler had grown.

Later that evening after a quick dinner, mom and I took Ty around our little neighborhood. Halloween is much more fun with a child that can ring doorbells. Ty didn't quite catch the concept, though. He'd sometimes try to give people candy from his own bucket!

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