Tuesday, March 29, 2016

January 2016 - Bring on the New Year

We didn't keep the kids (or ourselves) up till midnight on New Years Eve, but we did have a little celebration with streamers the following day. Tyler loved saying "Happy New Year!" He kept it up for several weeks and even wished me "Happy New Year" on my birthday two months later. He thoroughly enjoyed covering himself and his sister in streamers.

Malia holds an annual movie marathon party on New Years Eve and Day, so Allison and I drove down in her "Muggle Born" onesie from Mike and Shannon and her "Sparkle" pants, complete with magic wand, from mom.
Here's Allison looking cute in her "little black tee" from Becky Jensen. She was also gifted a "little black dress," from Amy Foster, which will make several picture appearances over the next few months.

The cats are extra clingy these days now that we have two children who take up our attentions. When I'm on my computer at the end of the day, one of both cats curls up under my arm. There was one day that I couldn't remember if I had 1 cat or 2 under there. I had to lift up my arm to check. They were blending together into 1 cat with 2 heads.

Tyler playing with his new leapreader book from granny and grandpa Hunt. He later chanted "milknog, milknog, what do you see, I see a dump-it looking at me." Milknog is eggnog mixed with milk, and he reads "brown bear what do you see" a lot, so I guess he wanted to dump the milknog??? He absolutely LOVED eggnog, so much that I had to start making it for him after Christmas was over and diluting it considerably in milk.. Then in February he stopped caring about it and after a batch went bad well before he'd drunk it all up, I stopped making it for him.

Allison's unique little quirks started coming out more and more in January. When Tyler was a baby I could do anything to him while he was nursing without complaint. I'd trim his nails, give him medicine, even coaxed a cat hair out of his eye once. Allison, on the other hand, gets very offended by this. She gives me this look like "Mom! How dare you! Mealtime is sacred!" She also won't nurse for comfort. After Tyler's immunizations all I had to do was nurse him and he'd be happy, but not Allison. She's like "mommy, why are you trying to distract me? Acknowledge my distress already!" On January 10th she had her first little fever, but fortunately loved the Tylenol we spoon fed her and basically just slept the sickness off. Ty, on the other hand, never seemed to care for or act at all affected by Tylenol.

My sweet Ty guy looking so smart and handsome in his yellow shirt and tie from uncle Phil and aunt Sharlie. He had some potty success in January, finally being willing to poop in the potty.
He's become more interested in television, which bothered me at first, but now I've changed my mind about it. I used to have a daily time limit for him, but he learns so much from it. Shows targeted to small children often ask questions for the viewers to answer (how many are there, will you help us, etc.)? In all my years of babysitting I'd never once seen a child respond to that, and Tyler would do it all the time. Plus he picks up on a ton of new vocabulary. My new rule is no more than 30 minutes at a time. He has to do something else in between the television time for at least 15 minutes. We also go to storytime regularly, and sometimes he is incredibly interactive there. He always seems excited for it, even if he ends up acting indifferent while he's there. I think he has a healthy enough range of interests now that I'm not too worried about how much he likes TV.

I get a little worried when I look at the Ty room camera sometimes. He sure knows how to hide in the middle of all those animals and blankets!

Sweet baby! My mom's friend Pat sent us a bunch of cute hand me downs, but since her grandbaby was born in January and Allison was born in September, the seasons don't always match. I added long sleeve onesies and pants to these cute summer dresses to make them wearable for wintertime.
This girl knows when she's sleepy! She would zonk out pretty much anywhere, but definitely had a preference to sleep on people.

She is the perfect counterpart to our crazy Ty guy. He was very demanding as a baby. I find I have more free time with both of them now than I did when he was an infant. He entertains her and she fascinates him. It's a great combo!

I have a really hard time finding shoes for Tyler because his feet are so wide and thick, and it appears Allison has inherited the same trait. I try to put shoes on her since she was gifted so many cute pairs, but they're either too tight or she kicks them right off. Baby shoes are not made for my babies' feet!

Being cute with daddy! Her legs started really chunking up in January, though thankfully they're nowhere near as big as Tyler's were. He was a size 4 diaper at 5 months!

 Sweet girl loves her daddy man!

Oscar's parents got us a spiralizer attachment for our kitchenaid, and I love it! I make zucchini pasta for my salads and spaghetti every week. Who knew raw zucchini was so tasty! 

On the right is the gummy worm Tyler refused to eat as his potty treat because he said it looked like a snake.

Allison put herself to sleep in the monkey watching TV one day. Infants have to learn to see the same way they learn to walk, and at this point in Allison's development, television is just a bunch of lights and noise. I figure it's no different from her other baby toys that flash lights and make noise. I never turn the TV on specifically for her, but it's often on when she's awake because Oscar, Tyler, or I are watching it.

My fashionable little spinner!

 Love my little lady!

Allison weighed in at 15 pounds 1 ounce at her 4 month check up today. She was born 7 pounds even. Tyler was born 8 pounds 3 ounces and was 18 pounds 10 ounces at his 4 month check. If there's one thing I do well, it's fatten up babies.

 It's not always easy to get this girl to look at the camera.

Here's Ty hanging out at Thomas Cason's mission farewell - jamming with him and petting the dog.

One day while reading Tyler the book "Hands are not for Hitting"
Me: "Hands are not for hitting. Hands are for drawing, shaking hands, eating, drinking"
Tyler: "and hitting."

While reading Tyler the book "Teeth are not for Biting"
Me: "Teeth are not for biting. Ouch! Biting hurts!"
Tyler laughs and bites the book

 Just hanging out looking cute!

After everything we went through with Tyler, I constantly marvel at what a good sleeper she is and how easily she can put herself to sleep without any crying. One time she put herself down watching the crib mobile while I was putting Tyler down for nap, slept for an hour even though she didn't have her swaddle on (she was still super attached to swaddling at that point), woke up for a few minutes, then put herself back to sleep and slept an additional 2.5 hours. I often take pictures with her crib camera to celebrate her sleep skills.