Wednesday, April 6, 2016

February 2016 - 10 years of Hunt Family Hilarity!

Februrary marked Oscar and my 10 year anniversary! We've had lots of crazy adventures over the years, but the best ones by far have been since we've had children. This was a cute day that Oscar basically giggled Allison to sleep. We didn't catch the giggles on video, but we did catch her falling asleep in his arms.

Allison gave us lots more smiles and giggles in February. One time I got the hiccups while I was nursing her. She thought it was the most amusing thing ever and giggled with each hiccup. She also started having occasional 8-9 hour sleeping chunks, which make mommy very happy.

Smiley girl! It's usually not too tough to get this girl to smile for pictures because she likes the noises my phone makes when I take them.
Little "Wiggletta!"

Tyler's gone into intense mode these days. I've heard more than one person say "he's a pistol!" He plays hard, runs hard, tantrums hard, but also sleeps hard. It can be a fight to get him down, but he still gets a great nap everyday.

Oscar's started experimenting with cooking in our waffle iron these days. The grilled cheese was pretty decent, and he and Tyler are really into waffle iron eggs.

Cute in pink!
I wouldn't have thought I'd approve of Tyler running his monster tracks on Allison's head, but she loved it!

Alli's really getting into toys. She loves things she can grab easily, like Tyler's old Oballs.

She's typically a super sweet, calm baby. I often have to check the camera to see if she's awake since she'll wake up happily just playing with her hands. 

We started struggling to get Tyler down for nap since he'd play in his room for hours and then crash at 5pm. I came up with a strategy of letting Tyler have a set play time in his room and then a set bed time, and it totally worked! This boy responds VERY well to structure. I think he'll thrive in a preschool environment this fall.

When Tyler's not settling down for bedtime, I sometimes say to him "now you sing mommy a song and put her to bed," which makes him say "no, mommy sing Tyler a song and put him to bed." But the one night when I said it, he started singing me the ABC's.

Sweet little red riding hood!

Mommy sometimes gets a little caught up with the repetitive routine. Once I unloaded the clean clothes out of the dryer, put the ones from the washer into the dryer, then dumped the clean ones back in the washer. Doh!

I love watching this Ty guy eat his vegetables. He'll even eat salad, but not if I serve it to him at the table. He has to eat it from my fork while I'm eating it too. 

Once Tyler wanted lucky charms for both breakfast and lunch. I'm wasn't concerned, though, since he also shared my veggie filled salad with me and had a snack of string cheese, pine nuts, and a small red bell pepper.

This was the extent of our Valentine's Day celebration - pancake hearts and a few chocolates I brought home from work. I hear the average couple spends $500 each holiday. Oscar and I must make up for the couples in the $1000+ range. I did deliveries in the days leading up to it while Oscar stayed home with the kids.

Our 10 year anniversary was also pretty low key. Much of our time during January and February was devoted to rehearsals for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (more to come about that in future posts). We went out for lunch on our anniversary, but since we took the kids and they were fussy, it wasn't exactly romantic. Allison became pretty inconsolable and I had to take her home early. That evening I had rehearsal while Oscar stayed home with the kids. Wild, romantic night, eh?

One day we found Fry sitting in the corner of the pack and play, like we were punishing him for bad behavior. 

She's typically easily amused and happy wherever she's put down, but she also loves being held.

Tummy time for my little gerber baby! 
Turtle kisses!

This happy little girl rolled over on February 21st. I sometimes put her down on her tummy after she nurses to help get the burps out, and over she went in the Mother's room at church. She had a bit of extra bulk from her dress, so I got her to do it again at home in a onesie just to make sure it wasn't a fluke. She's done it a few times since then but has really lost interest in it. She's focusing more on spinning and trying to crawl.

Daddy is just too funny!

It warms my heart to see her so happy with her daddy man!

She's my little "book baby shakin' at the library!" One of the songs we sing at story time is "I'm a book baby, book baby, I like to read/wave/clap/dance/shake at the library."

Tyler amusing Allison while I admired my henna tattoo from my talented friend Ashley.

She's wearing her little black dress from Amy!

These old crawling toys of Tyler's are very amusing! She also loves watching his remote controlled car. 

Man she's cute!
We have lots of shoes that were gifted to her, but for the most part I can't even keep them on her long enough for her to get a picture in them. Either they're too tight or she's kicking them off.

Sweet, sweet, sweet!

Little sea pup!

Tyler's had his hand me down blocks hidden away for 2 years now because all he ever did with them was throw them. Then one day he said "get the blocks. Build a temple!" Needless to say, the blocks came out.

After shopping, I saw a toy car in the bag and said to Oscar "Oh you got a car for Tyler." Tyler ran out of the bathroom screaming "CAR FOR TYLER!!!" and didn't stop playing with it all night.

We were a bit concerned at first when daddy was holding baby and Tyler started to man handle her, but then it turned out he just wanted "baby huggies."

Bouncin' around!

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