Monday, April 25, 2016

March Madness at the Hunts 2016

Allison napping at the restaurant.
Tyler at Tyler's Donuts with Granny
The first week of March was tech week for our play, (tons more to come about that in future posts), but we had plenty of fun with the kids and celebrated my birthday too. Unfortunately we also learned the sad news that Oscar's grandpa Hatch had passed away. After a bad bout of pneumonia and a terrible fall he ended up in hospice and was gone a short time later. Oscar's parents cancelled their trip to see us, but once the funeral was planned for Monday the 7th, grandma Hatch assured them she'd be okay and encouraged them to drive up. They arrived around 4pm on Thursday the 3rd and took Tyler to preview night. He enjoyed lots of it, but he struggled and cried when Oscar and I were on stage and he couldn't come join us onstage. It was so hard to hold my composure on stage while my heart was breaking for him. They had to take him out so much that we ended up getting a babysitter for the next night so they could see it again uninterrupted. 

During the day before the show we took the kids swimming over at granny and grandpa's hotel and went out for a birthday lunch at the 112th street Diner. While we were there we discovered "Tyler's Donuts" and had to check it out. 

Kitty and baby birthday cuddles!
The next day was my 34th birthday, so Oscar got up with Tyler and let me sleep in. While I slept he coached Tyler to say "Happy Birthday" when I came down the stairs. As I walked in I was greeted to a rousing "Happy New Year!" He eventually got him to say "Happy Birthday," which was interspersed all day with about five corresponding "Happy New Years!"

It turned out to be a pretty rockin' birthday! We spent our remaining hours with Oscar's parents by taking them and the kids to Miner's Corner Park. This is my favorite park but we don't go to it much since it's 20 minutes away. But that day it was super convenient since we were planning on meeting Lia and Hana for brunch in Redmond.
Ms Allison enjoyed cuddling up in grandpa's warm arms. It was super cold that morning but by the time we got down to Family Pancake House in Redmond the sun was bright and shiny and we were shedding all our layers. Lia brought mini bundt cakes for us to snack on in the lobby while we waited for our table, and Marcus and Martha were able to drive right out to I-90 to get on their way home for Grandpa Hatch's funeral on Monday. 
The vast majority of the ladybug themed clothing Allison received was right at the size she was in late February and March. She was dressed in ladybug clothing more often than she wasn't.

Oscar made Tyler a new toy box on wheels that also converts into a desk. He's not quite mature enough to understand the desk aspect without getting crayons and playdough all over, but we hold onto the hope that someday he will be.

In early March Allison's sleep started improving significantly. One time she fell asleep the instant she touched the crib, and on March 16th, her first day in her own room, she slept all the way through the night for the first time (nearly 12 hours straight).

My children are both classic examples of how sleep begets more sleep. Because of his massive spit-up, Tyler couldn't be put to bed less than 100% asleep for his first 8 months, so he'd only get about 10 hours of sleep a day. We had to sleep in shifts during the night to calm him quickly whenever he woke up or he would vomit all over himself and the crib. After the spit up decreased and we sleep trained him, he started sleeping about 16 hours a day of his own accord.
Allison, on the other hand, is a natural born soother. She essentially sleep trained herself, but she needs to be home in her crib with her white noise and sleep sack or you'll regret it. You have to put her down within 2.5 hours of when she last woke up or she will get cranky, hyperstimulated and it requires a lot more effort to relax her enough to fall asleep. But when she gets what she wants, she sleeps wonderfully. One night she slept from 8:30pm - 9:45am, fell asleep again from noon - 1:30, and fell asleep again at 3:30. Each time I get to cuddle her and love on her, but she still falls asleep on her own most of the time without any tears. I challenge any other baby to best her sleeping/cuddling skills!

Mom came up for the 2nd week of our show and go in lots of bab cuddles from Allison.

Mike and Shannon came up too and rotated watched the kids on the nght mom saw the show. They took the kids to Chuck E Cheese, which Tyler has not stopped talking about more than a month later. Uncle Mike is now forever associated with Chuck E Cheese.

Such a sweet Alli. She tried her first solids around this time, including delicious Thai coconut ice cream at our favorite Thai restaurant. She smiled a little here when Oscar gave her an orange slice to suck on. She also started taking a binky, something she'd always fought as a newborn.

Allison's favorite tummy time toy is Tyler's remote controlled car. 

Oscar bought this Fuf for me, obviously! He actually got it for Christmas, but I really require a back to my chair when I sit, so I didn't use it much. The cats, though, thought it was the best cat bed ever.

So much cute!

We have a ceramic temple from our wedding day sitting on a high shelf in Tyler's room. One day he asked to hold it, then put it on his Thomas the train toy and spun the train around. He said he was "temple driving."

He's so handsome in these little suits mom sent up!

Tyler really has no concept of punishment and discipline, though not for lack of trying on our part. For example, I once caught Tyler deliberately shaking his sippy cup of apple juice upside down and making an enormous sticky mess on the floor. I got pretty upset, yelled "no," grabbed a wash cloth, and sternly told him to "clean it up now." He cheerfully replied "thanks mommy," cleaned up the mess, then put the towel in the dirty laundry basket before running back to play with his toys.

We weren't super festive, but we did get dressed up in green for St Patrick's day and went to storytime at the library. Tyler was super excited to see the live bird they brought in. I had to borrow a shirt from Oscar since I didn't have any good green clothing. All day Tyler kept pulling on it, giggling, and saying "daddy."
I could tell Allison was ready for solids since she'd salivate and watch us eagerly while we ate. She rejected them at first, but then I started mixing them with breastmilk and that did the trick.

 Mommy's princess!
That smile!

Cuteness! She really likes playing with the books at storytime

Tyler's started crawling on daddy's back when they say his prayers before bed.

One time Tyler told me he wanted a donut for his potty time treat, a garbage truck one and a firetruck one. I was very confused since we don't have any donuts in the house. Eventually I figured out he wanted a green and red lifesaver.

At's Alli's 6 month check she was 17.2 pounds and just over 25 inches. She's short, but sweet and chubby.

She looked super cute on Easter, but somehow that headband gave her this big red scab on her forehead that lasted about a week.

We had colored waffles for breakfast and an egg hunt after his nap. It was easier to do that way since we had 9am church.
Allison had some massive projectile spit up on the way out the door, so we were late to church, but at least she managed not to get any on her Easter dress.

She never sleeps in her swing anymore now that she's such a good little crib sleeper, but now it's a fun teaser toy for her to play with.

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  1. Stacy loved all these precious pictures of the children. I never get tired of seeing them and reading about all the fun activities. Thanks so much for your wonderful blogs