Tuesday, June 21, 2016

April 2016: So Much for April Showers this Year!

Ty was making a wet mess in the bathroom sink one day, so I told him if he just wanted to play with soap he could take a bath. We got him upstairs where he immediately started scrubbing his Elmo toy. I needed to feed Allison solids downstairs while he bathed, so I asked him to make sure to make some noise for me so I'd know he was safe. As long as I can hear his voice, I know he's not drowning. He loved this game! If 30 seconds passed without my hearing him talk, I'd call up "Tyler make some noise!" and he'd babble back nonsense syllables to me. Victory for free range parenting!

One huge milestone Ty hit that month was learning how to say "yes" or "yeah." He'd been able to say "no" for a long time, but instead of responding in the affirmative if say, I asked him if he'd like some yogurt, he'd just repeat "yogurt." This made an enormous difference in his communication skills and our being able to teach him to understand the differences between appropriate and inappropriate behavior.
Here are some of the interesting things we find Tyler doing in the morning after he's woken up. It's tempting to leave him there because he typically plays so nicely with his toys.

Allison stopped sleeping in the swing, but we still used it occasionally for her to play in. She liked swinging and reaching for the hanging toys.

Tyler is such a good big brother to Allison. It's so fun to watch them interact. She really likes watching him play with his remote controlled car. He loves to play with it for her too, but it's hard for him to understand the concept that he has to keep it close enough for her to focus on. He'll take it to the other side of the room and expect her to watch it from there.

Allison is a great solids eater, but she has some pretty clear preferences. She only likes food that is perfectly smooth. Purchased baby food is perfect, but homemade has too many chunks. Applesauce isn't even smooth enough for her. The only things I can blend up for her that I know she'll eat are sweet potatoes and bananas. She also hates seasonings, salt, or oil in her vegetables. She hates tart and other strong flavors. I have to add baby cereal to applesauce to make it more bland for her. However, she LOVES savory food. She grimaced while trying each new fruit, but she never had a problem with vegetables or "complete dinner" baby foods. The only fruit she likes is banana, and she particularly hated plums the first time she tried them. I found I could get her to eat any fruit eventually as long as I mixed it with banana and baby cereal, and as time's gone by she's become tolerant of those fruits on their own (even plums), but she always prefers they be mixed with banana.

Here's Tyler playing in the wagon with some of the neighborhood kids.

I wish we had a playground in our area. Kids are always playing in the streets here, and cars come around the corners going way too fast. It was hard to get the kids to understand that they need to run in the same direction as traffic, not against it. They'd run at top speed in this wagon and would have been hit head on by a car coming around the corner. Rarely do I see another adult out watching. This is why I was out supervising.

Allison looks so sweet in pink!

Allison LOVES books, particularly this one that makes animal sounds. I was happy to see her so interested at only 7 months. Tyler was over a year old before reading him a book felt like reading to anyone but myself. He'd respond to our making sounds and voices, but he was always totally indifferent to the book itself.

After seeing Tyler delight at playing with the sand boxes in our Utah friends and families' yards, Oscar built Tyler his own sandbox. He absolutely loves it! He also fenced off just the back part of the yard so Tyler can't run off into the street. It's a bit annoying to take him around the house to let him out and bring him back in, but it's so great to finally have a yard to let Tyler out to play in.

Allison threw her first tantrum one day while I was looking at this bubble/spinning lights machine. She absolutely loved it, but when I put it back on the shelf she screamed and wailed with little tears streaming down her little face. It was so bad I had to get her out of the cart and calm her. It was her first tantrum over not getting to keep a toy from the store, but I'm sure it won't be the last.

After seeing tons of sand in Tyler's hair after his first day playing in the sandbox, we decided we'd rather buzz it all off than have to wash it everyday.

Here she is living up to the message on her shirt - "laugh, smile, and be happy!" This was when she started being able to sit up very solidly. She'd crash hard when she did fall over, but I started letting her sit up like this without being there or having a pillow to spot her. She wore a lot of summer clothes that month since this past April was Seattle's hottest on record.

Sweet girl!

Too much cute! She's already engrossed in books.
My little cherry flower.
I found this toy for Tyler over a year ago. He occasionally plays with it, but it was never a big hit. I'd considered getting rid of it, but now it's Allison's favorite toy ever. She could sit and play with it all day long. This is part of why I have a hard time purging stuff. I hold onto the hope that it will one day be really useful.

 Here's Ty guy talking to granny and grandpa then handing the phone up to baby sister so she could talk to them too.

Bubbles on the porch!

Sweet daddy's girl!

Will there ever be too many cute pictures of her? I think not!

Tyler got to ride the fire engine during "Comcast Cares" day in Oso, WA. He went up with Oscar for their annual service project.

Tyler started occasionally speaking in complete sentences in April.The first really significant one I heard was
Me: "Tyler, where are you?"
Tyler: "I'm upstairs, mommy, looking for kitties."

I was thrilled when Tyler first said sorry of his own accord. We were both walking to where I keep the bubble machine, and in his exuberance he slid and fell down onto my feet. I didn't say anything since it didn't hurt in the slightest, and I wouldn't have told him he needed to apologize, but to my surprise and delight he said "sorry, mommy." Now he apologizes all the time when someone gets hurt whether he caused it or not. One time he said it when a box of bags fell off the fridge onto my head. He's very polite, even when he's being disobedient. "Tyler, go to your room!" "No thanks!"

One day I accidentally left my keys in the car, so Oscar drove home from work to bring them to me. When he left a couple minutes later Tyler said "see you next time daddy!"

Though Allison's pretty easily entertained by toys, big brother's head is even better.

Their first trip out in the double stroller!

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