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Lynnwood Stake's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: Part VI - Potiphar/Close Every Door/Go Go Go Joseph

Narrators start off the scene explaining that Potiphar was one of Egypt's wealthiest, most influential men. Occasionally Potiphar cuts in to add his own two cents.

"Potiphar had made a huge pile, owned a large percentage of the nile."

"Meant that I could really live in style"

"And he did."

"Oh I did!"

Narrator Paige explains that Joseph started off as a lowly servant, but he rose quickly through the ranks because he was such a hard worker. "Potiphar could see that Joseph was a cut above the average, made him leader of his household, maximum promotion.
We represented this by Potiphar bestowing on Joseph a management vest, a hat, and an abacus. Rather than sweeping, he's now in charge of running the show.

Mrs Potiphar enters the room and quickly notices that Joseph's not too sore on the eyes. "She was beautiful but evil."
This was the narrators only scene with planned out choreography. Any other time we dance we're just jamming with the music.

I, Mrs Potiphar and Joseph then continue the story with "Joseph's looks and handsome figure had attracted her attention, every morning she would beckon"

"Come and lie with me love."

"Joseph wanted to resist her til one day she proved too eager. Joseph cried in vain"

"Please stop! I don't believe in free love."

Mrs Potiphar isn't used to rejection, and she won't take "no" for an answer.
Narrators try to help hide Joseph and gossip about what's going on (when we had the purple formals, I would try to hide him behind my billowing gown). 
We basically played the telephone game watching what was happening and then passing it along.
 Even the professional tap dancer can't deter Mrs Potiphar!

Once Mrs Potiphar realizes she's not going to be successful, she decides to punish Joseph for spurning her. Potiphar is led to believe Joseph attempted to seduce her, represented by her boa around his neck and his hat and vest on her.

"Joseph I will see you rot in jail. The things you have done are beyond the pale!

Over time the skeleton in Joseph's jail cell was given a beard, a boa, and a hat. Clearly Joseph wasn't Mrs Potiphar's first attempted conquest!

Joseph feels sad and defeated with a life sentence in jail. "Close every door to me, keep those I love from me. Darken my daytime, and torture my night."

But he reminds himself that God has promised him "a land of my own." The kids help bring him a bit of light and hope. 

This scene always made me tear up a bit when the kids came in. They always sang this so beautifully!
Paige introduces the next scene with "Joseph's luck was really out. His spirit and his fortune's low." A couple rocks encourage him to lift up his spirits "Hey Joseph, don't be so upset. You're not beaten yet."
I then sing about how "the prison walls were wet and black. His chains were heavy, weighed him down. A candle was his only light, the hungry rats the only sound."

Patty comes in with "now into Joseph's prison cell were flung two very frightened souls."

The butler and baker sing "we don't think that we will ever see the light of day again. Hey Joseph! Help us if you can. We've had dreams that we don't understand." They're relieved when he says "though I cannot guarantee to get it right, I'll have a go."
 First the butler tells his dream of crushing grapes into wine for Pharoah and Pharoah drinking from his cup. 
The Butler briefly loses his composure but quickly regains it when Joseph reveals "you will soon be free, my friend, so do not worry anymore. The king will let you out of here. You'll buttle as you did before."
The baker then tells her dream of having baskets of bread which are all consumed by birds. She asks "Give me the message. Like his would be nice."
Unfortunately, Joseph's news for her is not as positive.
"Sad to say your dream is not the kind of dream I like to get. Pharoah's got it in for you, your execution date is set."

He's sees her distress and doesn't want her to panic, so he attempts to comfort her by saying "don't rely on all I said I saw. It's just that I have not been wrong before."
Narrators circle around Joseph and encourage him "go, go, go Joseph you know what they say. Hang on now Joseph you'll make it someday. Don't give up Joseph. Fight till you drop. We've read the books and you come out on top."
Then the rocks turn into dancers and a big party breaks out before intermission. Go, Go, Go Jo!!!
"Sha-la-la Joseph. You're doing fine. You and your dreamcoat ahead of your time!"

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