Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lynnwood Stake's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: Part VII - Pharoah's Story/Poor Poor Pharoah

Narrators begin the Act II telling a group of children that "Pharoah he was a powerful man, with the ancient world in the palm of his hand. To all intents and purposes he was Egypt with a capital E...When Pharoah's around, then you get down on the ground. If you ever find yourself near Ramases, get down on your knees."
"Down at the other end of the scale, Joseph was still doing time in jail."
"For even though he is in with the guards. A lifetime in prison seems quite on the cards."
"But if my analysis of the position is right, at the end of the tunnel there's a glimmer of light, for all of a sudden indescribable things have shattered the sleep of both peasants and kings. Strange as it seems there's been a run of crazy dreams, and a man who can interpret could go far."
"Could become a star!"

Scene change to Pharoah's throne room with his Egyptianette guards.
"Next day in his bed, Pharoah had an uneasy night. He had had a dream that pinned him to his sheets with fright. No one knew the meaning of the dream. What to do. Whatever could it mean?"

"Then the butler said 'I know of a bloke in jail who is hot on dreams. Could explain old Pharoah's tale.' Pharoah said 'well fetch this Joseph Man. I need him to help me if he can.'"
"Poor poor Pharoah whatcha gonna do? Dreams are haunting you, hey, watcha gonna do?"
"Chained and bound, afraid, alone. Joseph stood before the throne."

Part I - Auditions/Rehearsals/Backstage

Part II - Cast and Crew

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