Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lynnwood Stake's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: Part VIII - Song of the King/Pharoah's Dreams Explained/Stone the Crows

Pharoah steps down to tell his dreams to squealing girls and adoring fans. The kids loved doing this scene with him! The music and lyrics are in the style of Elvis (hey, hey, hey, uh-huh, it's got me all shook up, etc.), so I'm just going to sum it up - Pharoah sees seven fat cows who are then eaten up by seven skinny cows. But the skinny cows stay skinny even after eating the fat cows. The same thing happens with golden corn and tattered corn.

"Hey, hey, hey Joseph, please tell old Pharoah baby, what does this crazy, crazy, crazy dream mean? Oh yeah!"

Joseph has good news and bad news for Pharoah. I am going to include the lyrics of this one because I think they're awesome. "Seven years of bumper crops are on their way."

"Years of plenty, endless wheat, and tons of hay. Your farms will bloom. There won't be room to store the surplus food you grow."
"After that, the future doesn't look so bright. Egypt's luck will change completely overnight. And famine's hand will starve the land with food an all time low."

"Noble king there is no doubt what your dreams are all about. All these things you saw in your pajamas are a long range forecast for your farmers."
"And I'm sure it's crossed your mind what it is you have to find. Find a man to lead you through the famine with a flair for economic planning."
"But who this man could be I just don't know."

"Well stone the crows! This Joseph is a clever kid. Who'd have thought that 14 cows would mean the things he said they did. Joseph you must help me further. I have got a job for you. You must lead us through this crisis. You shall be my number two." 

"Joseph got a royal pardon and a host of splendid things." Here he is being dressed in new fancy clothes by the same woman who'd attempted to undress him in the Potiphar scene.
"Joseph saw that food was gathered ready for the years ahead. The first recorded rationing in history was a hit!"
"Joseph we are the perfect team. Old buddies, that's you and me. I was wise to have chosen you. You'll be wise to agree." 

"Joseph how can we ever say all that we want to about you! We're so glad that you came our way! We should have perished without you!

"We were in a jam. Would've baffled Abraham, but now we're in a partnership. It's just a piece of cake."

"Greatest man since Noah. Only goes to show-a"
"Anyone from anywhere can make it if they get a lucky break."

"This could be a happy ending, perfect place to stop the show. Joseph after all has gone about as far as he can go. But I'm sure that Jacob and his other sons have crossed your mind. How had famine hit the family Joseph left behind?"

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