Saturday, July 30, 2016

June 2016: Summer!...are you sure?...

Call me Queen Bee!

In June, Allison started saying"mama!" It's just nonsense syllables with no connection to me, but Tyler's first were "da da da" so it's nice to have my turn too. I don't really count first words until it's clear they know what they're saying, like when Tyler pointed to the bananas at Albertsons and said "nanana" or when he dropped something and said "uh oh."

Tyler started making some enormous strides in his potty training. One time he climbed out of the bathtub to make a poopy on the potty and didn't say a word to us until it was done.

He really likes puzzles. We picked up this Elmo one in a bag at the Relief Society swap meet. It took awhile to put together since we didn't have a clue what it was.

Too much cuteness! The splash parks started operating at the beginning of June. I first took the kids to Daleway park where Allison found lots of little spouts to watch and touch. She also found another baby her age to play with.
Oh the cute!
Looking so cute in the cart at Costco! This was the first time I took both of them together. Tyler was super smiley! I gave Allison a big bag of Cheetos to hold to keep her occupied. She did great until we stopped for hot dogs. I tried feeding her some baby food while she sat in her cart, but she was screaming for sleep. She'd worn herself out at the park. We had to take our hot dogs with us to the car, and within seconds of putting her in her car seat, she was asleep.

We tred Forest park a few days later. They had one small spout for Allison, but it was very crowded. Kids like to step on the spouts, which shoots water in her face and makes her upset. We didn't stay in the splash part very long, but people loved how cute she looked in her little swimsuit.

I changed her out of her swimsuit and put her in the swings for the very first time. She loved it! She was constantly smiling and giggling, especially when Tyler pushed her. These pictures can't even come close to capturing the essence of her joy!
I have never seen her delight so much at a new activity.

Tyler had some trouble with nap fighting in June. He'd just have too much fun playing to bother with sleeping. Sometimes he'd fight it for over two hours. He missed it a couple times too, but it never went well. He'd crash around 7:30 then wake up 3 hours later convinced he'd just had a nap.

We started putting Allison to bed on her tummy because she'd sleep so much better that way, even before she could roll form back to tummy on her own. Daddy was especially good at soothing her down.
At 5 and 1/2 months Allison first rolled over tummy to back. She did it about 5 times, then completely lost interest in rolling. When I'd put her on her tummy she'd seem to forget she ever could roll over. Over the next 3 months she rolled maybe 3 or 4 times and showed zero interest in rolling back to tummy. She figured it out at nearly 9 months old. She slept all night on her back, and when I came into her room, I found her like this.

She is so stinking adorable! She's also incredibly cute in church these days sitting up and playing with her toys. She doesn't crawl yet so I don't have to watch her too closely, but I still do because she's just so cute!

All tuckered out after Willis Tucker park! We found a little Allison sized spout for her to play with there, but ran into the problem again of kids stepping on the spouts and shooting it in her face. She still had lots of fun, though, and got very, very soaked. I changed her into a warmer outfit and she was asleep within minutes of being put back in the car.

We also tried Dragon Park, which has a few Allison appropriate spouts. The older kids just flock around and watch her play with the water.

While we were there Tyler enjoyed watching a garbage truck collecting garbage in the nearby neighborhood. Allison enjoyed playing with the cup Tyler broke and being pushed by him in the swings.

I love how I can just sit her up and she'll play with wood chips without fear that they're going to end up in her mouth. I'm sure this phase won't last long...

 Silver lake on a warm cloudy day was awesome! I love these pictures of Tyler playing in the water with the ominous clouds behind him. The weather didn't start this way when we left the house!
Pump it Up with Tyler and Allie was a bit challenging. She really didn't care for it much, and was only mildly entertained by the balls and foam blocks. After being pretty much non stop fussy, Allison discovered their fun house mirrors and was all smiles from there on out.
"I look so silly!"

I took Tyler to the children's museum, which is incredibly hard these days. It gets super crowded on free nights and he's very fast, so I have to watch him very closely or I'll lose track of him. He gets so stimulated by the million things there are to do there that he just darts from one area to another. I was only able to get one picture of him because I have to be so alert while we're there. I'm not sure I'm up for it again for awhile...

How I found the kids after leaving them home with daddy while I worked the day before Father's Day. This is Tyler sitting on his little chair in the recliner watching youtubekids videos on the computer. Oscar kept himself busy working on projects while it rained.

Rain! I love when it downpours like this while I'm inside the house. You wouldn't know it from all these pictures in the sun I've been posting, but June was incredibly gray and rainy. I guess that's what we get after having a crazy hot and sunny spring. Too bad the splash parks weren't open then.

Daddy brought back tiles to fix our backsplash. Tyler found them and told us he was "building a house." This boy idolizes his daddy and loves helping him build things.

Mukilteo school district's free lunch for kids program started up again in June. We discovered it in August of last year and spent the next 10 months eager to have it back. Apparently we were the only ones that knew about it, though, since we were the only ones there on their first day. Ty had some tasty teriyaki beef, brown rice, green beans, chocolate milk, and fruit cocktail. While it's a nice perk that the food is free, that's not our biggest motivation for going. We go largely because it ensures Tyler gets a variety of choices from a meal that's already cooked. Tyler is typically hungry when we get home from an outing, and by the time I can get a healthy, well balanced meal ready for him, he's already snacked on cereal or something else immediately available and doesn't end up eating very much of what I've just spent time and effort preparing for him.

Getting home from an outing and needing to get both kids properly fed, potty used/diaper changed, and down for nap before they miss their ideal sleep windows is always very challenging for me. Allison is eating mostly solids now but can't feed herself anything yet and screams when I get up from the chair, so trying to also get food prepared for Tyler and deal with whatever he's feeling finicky about is not my favorite part of the day. Oscar used to come home for lunch and help me out with it, but now that his call center has been relocated further away until November, it's all been on me. Not having to deal with that is blissful! I bring baby food to the school with me and feed Allison while Tyler eats a much more nutritious meal than he would get at home (I would likely pick something quick and more processed to make for him so I can get back to feeding Allison). Tyler also eats his fruits and vegetables at the school, which doesn't always happen at home. Sometimes I'll cut up an apple or open a can of pears only to have him decide he hates those fruits that week, and then all of it goes to waste. If he's finicky at the school, no big deal. Only a few pieces don't get eaten and he can eat the apples or peaches or other fruit they have available. It also gets us out of the house (we typically walk there with the stroller or swing by after visiting a park or the library), and coming home tired and full increases the chance that he gets a good nap.

In my case I feel the program helps me be a better, more responsible parent. I support it because it relieves a lot of stress from me, ensures my kid gets a well balanced meal, and reduces our amount of food wasted. By dinner Oscar is home and one of us can cook while the other entertains the kids, so we're more able to avoid those issues. Stopping for fast food has similar perks of relieving stress and saving me time, but the entrees for kids are generally much less healthy and typically don't give Tyler a bar of fruits and veggies to choose from. Even if there is a healthy option he likes, he's not going to want it when he knows that junk food is available there. It makes an enormous difference when healthy choices are the only choices.
After so much rain and cloudy skies, it was nice enough to take the kids out in the double stroller. We walked down to the school (which Tyler likes calling "the lunch house") while the kids played with dandelions on the way. It was warm enough that the kids didn't need jackets but not hot enough to make me sweat. While there Tyler ate a good lunch and even shoveled green beans into his mouth. I asked him "who are you and what have you done with my child?" (9 times out of 10 Tyler will turn down green beans, so I only offer them to him if we're already eating them). I also met and got to know a new mom friend named Tonya. She waved to me and I waved back since from a distance she looked like my friend Mikail. Once I got closer she apologized and said she'd thought I was someone else, and I laughed saying I'd done the same thing. On the way back Allison played with Tyler's orange peels, and during our walk Tyler excitedly pointed out 4 airplanes, 2 dump trucks, a school bus, a cement mixer, and a fire truck. What a fun outing! It really is the little things...

Tyler and the other nursery kids all wore daddy hats for Father's Day. We practiced the "Daddy's Homecoming" song for several weeks so he could sing it with the Primary kids. He didn't sing at all, but he stood up there with a big smile and was well behaved. When they were done he ran down excitedly saying "I sang to daddy! I sang in church!
The day after Father's day was a really good day. Tyler and I read several books before he helped me unload the dishwasher and fold the clean laundry, we went to Storytime at the library and both kids behaved really well, we stopped at the school for a healthy lunch, we played 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, Tyler got an excellent 3+ hour nap, Oscar painted the house while I took Ty over to the gym, without being asked Tyler put his own leftovers in the fridge after dinner (though they got stuck in the door), he used the potty on his own without being reminded, and we had an enjoyable FHE teaching Tyler what "valiant" means and watching him serenade Oscar with "Daddy's Homecoming" (the first time he sang it was even cuter than this one we filmed).

This is Allison's little dance. She does this especially when she's happy and excited. Before she could sit up she'd rock and bounce side to side while being held or in the jumparoo, then once she could sit it turned into this cute little bobble head

Sitting with her kitty. He sticks around even when she's pulling on him. He doesn't like it, but he just can't be bothered to move.

Bath time! This boy could play with shaving cream all day long!