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May 2016: Part I - Staying in a Hotel Without Going on Vacation

We had one day of Allison sweetness before May turned into Mayhem. Oscar accidentally hit a pipe while drilling in the wall to install a shelf. He'd used a stud finder to look for a piece of wood since he knew the wall had pipes in it, but he hadn't expected to find a pipe within a piece of wood. His drill went right through the plastic tubing and water started shooting uncontrollably out of the wall through all three floors and down the stairs. I was at the gym with Allison when it happened, but Tyler was home with daddy and Oscar had to yell at him to get away from the water.
So much craziness was going on that I thought it best to get Tyler out of the house. A plumber with gray hair came to fix the pipe, and when Tyler saw him he said "mommy, that's grandpa."

I took Tyler to Daleway park in Lynnwood then over to Costco to get a hot dog. They have a splash park there, but it was May 2nd, and they don't turn on until June. This was unfortunate since it was a super hot day in the 80's and the playground equipment was very hot. Ty kept pushing the sensors in the splash park and asking why the water wasn't working. This surprised me since we hadn't been to this park in 9 months and we'd only visited a couple times, so I never expected him to remember it'd even had water.

I gave Allison a bath later in our Master bathroom since that was the only one undamaged. I'd always wanted to try the "putting the baby in a laundry basket" idea, and she seemed to really like it. I never did it with Tyler since he crawled before sitting up, so he was always crawling around the tub and would have hated being confined to a laundry basket. It was nice because it prevented her from falling backwards and kept the toys from floating out of her reach.

Allison admiring her reflection in the mirror at the library
Because Oscar hadn't known where to turn the water off, we ended up having extensive water damage that all had to be ripped up by Roto Rooter each morning (he actually called the fire department but figured it out before they got there). I did my best to keep the kids out of the house while there were men working, so we spent a lot of time at the park, library Storytime, and McDonalds and Burger King play areas.

This worked out for three days, but after that it became unlivable. We no longer had a functioning kitchen, and there was just too much dangerous stuff around for two small children to get into. Thankfully insurance set us up in an amazing 2 bedroom suite at the Marriott Residence Inn in Lynnwood. Tyler got his own queen bed and bedroom and Allison enjoyed tearing up the hotel's brochures. Our master bedroom was undamaged, so we brought the litter boxes and cat food and water upstairs and set the cats up there. We figured they'd like that more than a kennel.

Man these kids are cute! The hotel's outdoor pool was open, so I took Alli out for a swim while Oscar and Ty picked up dinner. I would have liked to take them swimming more often during out hotel stay, but Oscar was gone most of the time working at his job or working on the house, and I can't stop two children from drowning at the same time.

As lovely as the hotel was, we were eager to get back home largely because the kids always slept badly there. Allison missed her crib, having her own room, and never adjusted well to their pack and play. When she'd wake up in the middle of the night we'd have to bring her into bed with us to keep her from crying and waking up Tyler. She had a hard time getting her sleep signals without the blackout shade she's used to, and it was hard to keep Tyler quiet while she was napping. At home we lock Tyler's door during nap and after about 5AM, but we didn't have that luxury here. Knowing he's locked in keeps Tyler in bed and motivates a longer sleep out of him, but knowing he could open the door had him getting up and going early in the morning when he'd stir in his sleep but before he'd had a complete rest. This would then make him more likely to fall asleep in the car around 10 or 11, which would mess with his afternoon nap and make him super groggy and grumpy the rest of the day.

Another thing I didn't like about the hotel was when Tyler would come up to the king bed in the loft. He has no sense of danger and wanted to jump on the bed. I was always terrified he'd go flying out of the open space between the bed and the ceiling. I also really missed having a garage. At my house I can load one kid in my car at a time until I have my hands free again. There we were a decent distant from even the closest parking spaces, so I always had a big haul to get the kids and whatever stuff we had with us to and from the hot car (all the parking was uncovered and the week was really sunny).

We were at the hotel during Mother's day weekend, and I couldn't ask for a better mother's day gift than seeing Oscar taking good care of the kids while I was at work. He took them to Home Depot to get what he needed to fix our drywall and had to carry around a sleeping Allison for most of the visit. They looked so cute in the cart together! Tyler is just mesmerized by all the tools he sees there. He's such a boy!

Malia and Hana came up one afternoon to swim and play with the kids. Tyler LOVED playing motorboat with auntie. Now whenever I take him to a pool he asks for motorboat.

One time I sat Allison up to play with her toys with the Boppy behind to support her, and she played herself to sleep after about 20 minutes. She'd only been awake about an hour so I hadn't expected her to need a nap so soon, but her sleep was so poor that week that her schedule was all over the place.

A couple days into our stay we were thrilled to hear that Oscar had received the position at work he'd applied for. He's now Manager of Strategy and Operations for the Everett call center. The job description sounded like it was made just for him. It was nice to have some long awaited good news in the middle of all the craziness!

On Mother's Day Tyler woke up far too early from his nap super cranky with loud, non stop whining. Allison was sick with a stomach bug Tyler had passed onto her, and I was afraid Tyler would wake her up. Oscar had to go back to the house to finish up the drywall before he and several missionaries came to push back in the kitchen island the next morning, so I asked him to take Tyler with him and just let him play in the yard or his room with the gates closed. To be honest I really didn't want to spend mother's day stuck in a hotel with a cranky toddler and a sick baby. Later after Allison had woken up and I'd played with her and read her a few books, I felt like something was missing. I wanted to be doing those things with Tyler too. I drove over to the house, put Allison down for her final nap in her crib, then went into Tyler's room and built puzzles with him. They were 8 piece jigsaws, his first puzzles that weren't the wooden block and knobs kind, and he absolutely loved it. It was so fun to watch him light up as he'd match the correct pieces together and complete the picture. I was so glad I'd come! I'd thought I needed a break from his antics, but in the end I wanted to mother my son, the sweet guy who made me a mother.

We all got stomach bugs during our hotel stay. Tyler threw up before we left for the hotel then threw up more there. I got it next, then Oscar, then Allison, then Tyler and I each got it again. As much as I missed our house, I have to admit it was really nice to just call housekeeping when he threw up on the bed. When he woke up after a hard night I let him have breakfast and television in bed for the first time ever. Pretty soon he was back to his normal self jumping on the bed and happy to be awake. It was an annoying bug but very short lived.

"She's so vain." Little Allison loved the hotel's full length mirror!

Our check from the insurance company arrived, so I went to the bank to deposit it. We were told it was written out to me, Oscar, and Wells Fargo since they have our mortgage and hence, a vested interest in the property, but we weren't given any instruction on how to cash it. Because it was a large amount, I figured I should deposit it with a person instead of my usual choice - the drive up ATM. If I'd been alone I would have gone into the bank, but I had the kids with me, so I went to the drive up teller instead. The teller got her manager who told me we would have to see a banker and that we'd need some paperwork. Today Oscar got the paperwork and took it to a banker at the Everett Wells Fargo closest to our house only to find out both he and I had to be there to cash it. He called me and waited over 20 minutes for me to get there. Thankfully we were already in the car on our way to a Lynnwood park and not in the middle of a kid's nap. After arriving the banker asked for our IDs, then told us he couldn't cash it because Oscar's had expired two days earlier on his birthday. The kids and I went over to the Wendy's next door while Oscar went to the licensing center to get his license renewed. Fortunately he wasn't gone too long and we finally went back to the bank and got our money all while fighting a squirming, park deprived Tyler rotated with holding a sweet, smiley Allison.

Cute kiddos watching TV with daddy. The channels they had didn't have much in the way of Tyler appropriate cartoons, so we streamed them from our computer and connected that to the TV

We weren't too far from the Chuck E Cheese, so I took them there on our final day at the hotel. This was my first time taking both of them without another grown up around to help me. I thought it would be challenging with Allison, but I just stuck her in a rolling high chair and she had a great time watching her brother and playing with the lights on the rides and games.

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  1. Loved the Blog with all the fun pictures. Can't believe all the challenges you both had in the hotel yet so proud you were able to mentally keep it together and care for the children while staying at the hotel. The best thing was finally getting back into your home and getting the children's schedules back on track