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May 2016: Part II - Back in our House (in progress)

The day we checked out of the hotel, Oscar had three sets of missionaries over to move the huge kitchen island back in place and help with the flooring. I needed to get the kids out of the house while they worked, so I took Tyler and Allison to the gym, brought her back for nap, then drove over to Mukilteo for the "touch-a-truck" festival. He got to finally fulfill his lifelong dream of driving a garbage truck and had pretty much the best day ever!

We'd just seen this same blue truck working on the road a couple days earlier. Not knowing what it was I called it a "tractor digger." Turns out it's just a big a mower meant for mowing the sloped lawns on Mukilteo public property.
Tyler got a fireman hat at the firetrucks, which he wasn't all that interested in wearing. I put it on since I knew he'd change his mind later. It ended up being very useful at keeping the hood of my garbage bag material raincoat from blowing off. The heavy rain halfway through our visit made getting on the trucks a bit scary.
 The motorcycle and boats were super wet, but that just makes the boat experience more authentic, right?
And at the end he got out of the rain and did a little jumping in the awesome monster truck bounce house. He probably should have taken his shoes off, but there was no way I was dealing with that in the pouring rain. His socks would have been soaked.
They even had a Tyler sized truck

I finally figured out a way to keep shoes on Allison. If she's laying down, she kicks them off. If she's sitting up, she bends over and pulls them off. I was actually able to get pictures of her with her shoes on by putting her in her high chair.
Sweet girl!

Nibbler's been climbing on me while I'm nursing ever since I had Tyler. Now Allison is diving in after him. It's pretty cute, and he puts up with some pretty intense hair, ear, whisker, and tail pulling. He has this look on his face that says "I really don't like this, but I'm so comfortable on mommy that I'm just not going to move."

Oscar's mom found a cute used ladybug outfit which she sent up for Allison, but unfortunately it was too small. It looked adorable, but I couldn't keep it on her more than about an hour because the snaps were popping open.

She's stopped falling asleep in her jumparoo, but occasionally she'll zone out and just lay down in it.

Car painting! They did this at library storytime once a couple of days after Malia and Hana had given us some unused washable paint and canvas paper. I figured it was a sign that we needed to do it at home, though I really should get him cars with more tread. They make for more interesting pictures. Cars these days are typically made with smooth wheels.

Tyler went on our stake's Fathers and Sons campout with Oscar. Unfortunately it was a bit of a bust. There was a lot of traffic and the rain never cleared up, but he still had fun having a new adventure and sleeping in a cabin.

We celebrated a happy 3rd birthday to our sweet Ty guy on May 21st (though if you ask him, he'll say he's 4, which is an improvement from April when he thought he was 15)! Ty likes variety and choices, so we took him to Old Country Buffet for lunch where we met up with Malia, Hana, Knic, Liz, and baby Eli. After we sang Tyler "Happy Birthday," a nice old lady came up and gave him $3, and a little girl who recognized him from the gym from over a year ago came up to wish him a Happy Birthday too.
Liz and Nick got Tyler a tool set. Daddy gave him a spare piece of tile to work with and he hammered it while saying "I'm fixing the house." Daddy even let him help install a piece of tile downstairs.

"I gotta take a break from playing with toys to help daddy with the finances!"

Tyler had been fighting his nap and bedtime more than usual lately, this day being particularly bad. I read this article and concluded that he was ready to start transitioning away from daily naps. After over 2 hours in his bed of happily playing with a few toys and books, I'd concluded that he just wasn't going to nap and went to go get him. Just before I got to his door I realized he hadn't made any noise for a few minutes and decided to check the camera in his room. He was sleeping while sitting up, swaying back and forth, until about 10 seconds later he fell over and crashed at 4:20pm. It was hilarious! I wish I'd been recording.

In the end he wasn't ready to go without a nap. I give him quiet time with no nap expectations but still put on his white noise and close his curtains and he pretty much always falls asleep. He's only missed his nap twice and both days it was awful. He was groggy and cranky all day and didn't sleep particularly well at night. We still had the occasional problem with nap fighting, but I found out if I played "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed" with him (he'd jump on my bed while I jumped on the floor), he'd fall asleep within about 10 minutes.

Tyler's potty training also started going really well around this time.  He rarely had a poopy diaper or undies since he'd sit on the potty as long as possible in order to delay nap time. There'd still be the occasional accident, but for the most part he was fine. I remember how proud I was the first time he told me he had to poop then sat on the potty and pooped. It was like something just magically clicked.

Getting all prettied up for church. I love this dress! This was one my mom's friend Pat handed down to us. As soon as I saw it I couldn't wait till she was big enough to wear it.

Tyler once discovered that tampons make great bath toys.

I think Tyler thinks being okay means "fell down." He fell off his bed during his nap one day, and I heard him sobbing "I'm okay, mommy, I'm okay." Fortunately it was only a few inches, and he fell back asleep after a few hugs. He was crying more out of shock than pain.

We had the missionaries over for dinner one night. As they were reading us a scripture about Christ, Tyler excitedly exclaimed "I love Jesus!...and Mickey Mouse.
Leela eating Tyler's leftover Doritos. Crazy kitty!

Pretty in pink and even managing to keep her shoes on. It's much easier to have Allison in church now that she'll just sit up and play with toys. I never had this lovely phase with Tyler since he crawled a month before he sat and pulled himself to stand and start cruising shortly after. I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

As you can see, I could not get enough of this cute photo shoot. There were about twice this many photos taken. These were just my favorites.

Oscar got some cute pics of Allison playing with the stars in her play pen.

We had to wake up a sleeping Tyler on Memorial day in order to get to IKEA before the play area closed. I knew he'd love it there. It's the only place I know of that still has a ball pit.
IKEA kids! Tyler played and Allison found admirers everywhere she went. She got a bit fussy sitting up front, so we bought some sand toys for Tyler and let her play in the main part of the cart. No one has ball pits anymore and even IKEA is getting rid of their's soon. Tyler's just now tall enough and potty trained enough to be allowed in their play area.

Cute Allison and photobomb Tyler. He loves to photobomb but won't stay still when I actually want to take a picture of him. Go figure!

I took Tyler to Silver Lake Park while Oscar worked on putting together our new IKEA furniture.
Tyler and Allison wanted to help too.

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  1. What a wonderful Blog. The pictures of the grandchildren were awesome. Thanks for all the fun explanations of what was going on while your house was being repaired by your talented husband