Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hanging with Amy 2016: Keeping it Local

Mama, auntie, and babies
Amy and Tyler selfie
Amy came to visit this past July (hooray!), so Tyler, Allison, and I drove her around some pretty sites in Seattle after picking her up from the airport. Our first stop was Kerry Park. I figured it would be a good place to get out of the car since it has both a fabulous view of the city (even lovelier with a perfect view of Mt Ranier on a cloud free day), and a playground.
Unfortunately it's not the type of playground I love (more artistic than fun), but they did have these two fabulous slides. Amy watched Tyler while I walked Allison down the path to change an incredibly full blow out diaper on the grass. Afterwards I sat Allie up on the ground not too far from where the slides let off, and the children coming down came up to admire her. She was a bit crabby since she hadn't slept on the way down to the airport and only had a quick nap on the way back. The little boy Tyler's racing in the pictures was particularly fascinated and couldn't keep his hands off her. His guardian was up at the top of the slides and told me to feel free to instruct him on how he should treat the baby and pull him off if needed to. I appreciated that.

As we were leaving I knew Tyler would need to pee soon, but there was no bathroom around and there wouldn't be one for awhile if we stuck to our route. I took him into some trees and got him to pee on the leaves standing up while trying to help him aim the urine out and away from his pants. Never thought I'd be the parent to teach my son how to pee standing up! Of course since then he wants to pee outside all the time even when there is a nearby bathroom...

Next we drove up to this lookout in Queen Anne that gets the space needle and the harbor where cruise ships pull in. There are more beautiful views of the sound we checked out by continuing on Queen Anne boulevard, but there was too much shadow for pictures to turn out well. From there we drove to the Fred Meyer in Shoreline to get the kids lunch and do a little grocery shopping. They both immediately zonked in the car afterwards, so we swung by the Richmond Beach area and headed home. Ty even transferred from napping in the car to napping in his bed, which almost never happens.

That evening Amy and I took the Jetty Island harbor cruise. I didn't even know Jetty Island did harbor cruises, but Rich from my ward had some extra tickets (apparently members of the ward make a non official annual event of it).
It was cold but lovely. Thank goodness we had our jacket and sweatshirt, but our feet were a bit cold since we were wearing flip flops. I didn't know if the boat would get off on the island at all, so I thought it best to wear flip flops if we wanted to walk in the sand. Amy had just come from a crazy hot summer in Mississippi, so she was surprised to be wearing a sweatshirt in July.
Here's our view of the island and the rich people's sailboats. We liked the tiny rainbow coming off the clouds in the middle of the sky.

We couldn't tell what this big barge of wood shavings was at first. From a distance it looked like another island, but eventually it passed us. Rich joked that they were taking it down to IKEA to make furniture.
Watching the sailboats race to Hat Island

Here's an excellent shot Amy took.

Though the cruise did not stop at the island, they did offer to ferry us over separately when it was over. We did go to get our feet in the sand and to justify the flip flops we'd worn. The time flew by as we walked up the coast. Before we knew it, it was 20 minutes later than the return ferry we'd intended to take. We had to take the last one of the night. They said they have had people get stranded but that enough private boats are out that they usually get a ride back from someone.

The tide was way higher than any other time I'd been there. Normally this tree stump isn't even near the water when we go. Amy insisted I do a Little Mermaid pose - "part of that world!"

The Jetty Island staff served up smores before we took the ferry back.

The next day we went shopping, went to the gym, and hung out with kitties. Allison needed something to hold onto and play with, so I gave her zucchini and lettuce. Gotta start that love for veggies early! Oscar took Tyler to the library and got him to pose with the animal statues.

And that evening we tried a new experience for both of us - paddleboard yoga. You paddle your paddleboard out into the water, hook the end onto a rope that's strung between two buoys that the instructor anchored to the bottom, then you do yoga and try not to fall in. I honestly had no idea what I'd signed up for, and it was a bit terrifying since I'm not super confident in my balance. I'd thought the boards would be tethered no further out than knee deep, but we were well out past where I could stand. Trying to just get the paddleboard out there and get everything hooked up properly without falling in the water was very challenging. We kept things low to begin with, and at the beginning I couldn't even fathom the idea of standing on the board. I was shaky enough lying on my tummy!

We then did poses on our knees, then made it all the way up. I was shaking so bad when I first stood, which I paid for in muscle soreness the next day. I got more confident as the class went on, but a little bit too much since I forgot to be careful coming back down to my knees. I slammed into the board but fortunately didn't fall in the water (then...).

Amy fell in the water on one of the knee stretches and had to finish the rest of the yoga freezing. I fell after all the yoga was done just trying to get myself situated. Neither of us have any idea what we did wrong and would probably fall again if we were put back in the same situation.
After the class was over the instructor told us we could paddle around for awhile, and by then we were moving like pros. I felt so much more in control of the board than I had going out. It was definitely an unforgettable experience, and while it'd be fun to do again, I think another time wouldn't be as significant. It would be more about the yoga than pushing through a challenging new experience and learning you could in fact do things you hadn't thought you could.
Here are my cute kiddos dressed up for church the next day. I brought Allie home to Amy when she was refusing to nap on me in church and was thrashing too much to calm down. I actually got to pay attention in Relief Society, which never happens. Even when Allison isn't needing my attention, I'm too distracted watching her cuteness.

Tyler looks so handsome in his Sunday suit!

Amy and I took the kids to the lake after their naps while Oscar cooked dinner. Allison didn't seem to want to go in the water but warmed up to it later and had fun splashing around while Amy and Tyler built sandcastles.

Amy bonding with her roomie in the early morning. They shared a room, and Amy was coming from a time zone two hours ahead, so she was nice enough to get up with Allison and let mommy have a bit more sleep.
On Tuesday we went back to Jetty Island and took the kids with us. Last time Amy visited, Oscar was able to take some time off to watch Tyler while we went out and about. But all of his days off this year had either been used or planned for our cruise this fall, so we couldn't go out on our own until he was home from work or Loreia was available to babysit after her summer school class. Amy got a lot more bonding time with the kids this trip, and neither of them ended up hospitalized like last time (hooray!).

Relaxing and enjoying the scenery while the kids played in the sand.
Allison gets so excited by the wet sand that she slaps it and gets it all over her face. It makes it look like she's been eating it. And Tyler loves running around in the sloshy sand and wading in the water. We love Jetty Island!

Allison was stylin' and sweet from beginning to end. She looks ridiculously cute in those sunglasses. It's amazing she doesn't just yank them off.

Later that day we took the Boeing tour, a big tourist attraction I'd never done that's only a couple miles away from my house. We learned that it used to get so hot inside the monstrous building that clouds would form and it would rain! They had to install fans to prevent that. After the tour we went up to the observation deck and watched the planes come in for a bit.

We took it easy that evening with dinner at home where Nibbler and Allison stole Amy's shoes. Nibbler later decided to love on Amy. He tried me first, but ran away when Allison started pulling his hair and tail.
Nibbler couldn't get enough of Amy that trip. He must remember getting way more affection before we ever had kids, so he's trying to convince Amy to adopt him and take him home with her.


  1. What a fun and sweet blog. Looks like the kids really enjoyed the Park and the Lakes and, as usual you got such fun and wonderful pictures. Love you so much sweet daughter and so happy you were able to do some fun exploring around Seattle.

  2. What a fun and sweet blog. Looks like the kids really enjoyed the Park and the Lakes and, as usual you got such fun and wonderful pictures. Love you so much sweet daughter and so happy you were able to do some fun exploring around Seattle.