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Hanging with Amy 2016: Waterfalls, Animals, Fish, and Spit

The weather was cloudy for the vast majority of Amy's trip, so we chose the sunniest day to go visit Mt Ranier National Park. Things looked great on the drive down. The mountain was clearly visible with only a few clouds.
If I'd known about the traffic we'd hit at the entrance, I would have come down the other side first. It was jammed up and slow well before we ever saw anything because there was a bunch of road work being done.
And even more unfortunate, a bunch of white clouds decided to ruin our view. When we got to this first lookout, I told Amy this view wouldn't compare to the others she'd see, but I was wrong. By the time we got to the better lookouts, the clouds completely blocked the view of the summit.
Fortunately there are lots of other lovely things to see at the park, like beautiful Narada Falls with a rainbow.
After hiking back up we ate our lunch then tried to go up to the Paradise area to see Myrtle Falls. It's a waterfall with the volcano in the background. Unfortunately the parking lot was way too crowded, so we just drove through it, but by then we wouldn't have been able to see the mountain behind it anyway.
This was the main view I was most excited for Amy to see. You can just see the tip of the mountain peaking out. On a clear day, it's stunning.
It would have been a long wait before the clouds cleared, so we gave up on the volcano and just focused on the other beauties in the area.
Reflection Lake panorama
Amy found the elusive trail to Martha Falls that Oscar and I could not find on our last two trips. We skipped it at first, then when we tried again Amy barely spotted the trail. It really is very difficult to see while you drive. Oscar and I spent just as long searching for it but never found it.

It's only .6 miles down but very steep with this log climb to the the base and a log bridge. It was a bit scary down there. The bridge doesn't seem very sturdy from a distance.

We made it! Now for the strenuous climb back up.
The waterfall actually has several other drops that you can see from a distance on the main road. Oscar and I did find the viewpoint for those last time, while Amy and I missed it this time.

The next day we took the Edmonds-Kingston ferry across the sound on our way to the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, Washington.
We had a bit of a wait to get on the ferry since it was a Friday, which drove both kids nuts. Amy got to learn what it's like when we get stuck in traffic on road trips with the kids.
I knew they really needed some activity and a break from the car, so we stopped in Poulsbo to see the aquarium and get some tasty ice cream at Morra's.
They have a petting area, which Allison and Amy were willing to do, but not Tyler.
This small, no cost aquarium was the perfect stop for the kiddos. Any bigger would have sucked up too much time out of an already full day.
My sweet girl was happy wherever we went. Here they are staring at the octopus tank. An employee told us the octopus hadn't been seen in several weeks. They're very good at hiding.
This tank had Nemo fish and Dory fish, which made Tyler happy.

 Allison enjoyed being Amy's travel buddy
Tyler enjoyed going fishing. The practice paid off too. When we went to the tour de terrace a couple weeks later, we played a bigger version of this game with the fish swimming in a big pool. Tyler hooked the fish on his first attempt without any help from mommy.

After delicious ice cream we hopped back in the car and the kids napped until we arrived at the Olympic Game Farm. With the deer you get out of your car, but otherwise you stay and feed the animals from insie the car. Ty's like me though. He doesn't like to feed the animals directly. He'd rather just toss the bread to them like we do feeding ducks.
Llamas! The black one didn't want to eat much but did enjoy the love.
Amy loved feeding the animals, and they LOVED her. Especially these ones that stuck their whole heads in the car. I think she's more tolerant of feeding them directly since she's a dog owner.
Amy gave these super slobbery yaks a kiss!

I was happy the animals gravitated more to Amy's side than Ty's and mine. When they came to our side, they typically didn't come very close, so Ty would just toss bread out to the peacocks. He also wanted to eat the bread, which was fine too. He kept telling the animals not to eat his bread.

Allison woke up as we arrived and didn't get any entertainment out of the driving tour, so she was a bit fussy and eager to get out of the car by then.
Me timidly feeding the bison.

Their bears were pretty indifferent to the crowds and had no interest in eating. There were pieces of bread all over near them that people had tossed their way, but they must have been full.

Driving through the elk was a bit terrifying. You can feed but you can't stop or they can damage the vehicle. But of course I and everyone else forgets that as we're slowly going over the bridge. I was glad we brought the minivan instead of the Prius.

Tyler loves camels, and they had camel rides available, so I had to take him. He didn't give me quite the reaction I was hoping for, but that may have been the awkwardness of it. The heavier person has to be in front, which was a bit weird and scary. I kept putting my arm back to hold him.
The ride was really uncomfortable actually. My legs were sore and I was happy for it to end. How do people do this all day long?!
They also had a little animal farm, petting zoo, snake room, and aquarium tank to explore, plus a train for climbing on. I think Ty got just as much out of this as the driving tour.
Allison was happy for the little walk too.
In the petting area, Tyler want to give every goat "a gentle huggie." There were more goats than this too, probably twice as many. These were just the ones I got decent pictures of him hugging.

Afterwards we set out to find the Dungeness Spit but ended up finding Dungeness Bay. It was going to take some effort to figure out how to get back to the spit entrance and we really needed to drive back to the ferry soon, so we figured the bay was just as good. You could see the spit and the lighthouse from here, but it's really hard to see in the pictures. One day I'd like to walk the spit (it's 5.5 miles from one end to the light house).

Tyler had lots of fun playing there and skipping rocks with Amy. It was a much needed stop.

Our phones were getting tremendously low on battery since we'd forgotten to bring any sort of charger with us, so we couldn't look up the ferry schedule and just played for as long as we felt like staying.
I nursed Allison then let her sit in the sand and play. For situations like this, it's nice that she never sticks things in her mouth. That beach was full of nasty seaweed.
Cute Ty guy running around

We ended up having another long wait for the ferry, so we grabbed some food then let the kids play with our shoes in the nearby grass. Allison never sticks things in her mouth, and, of course, the first thing she did stick in there was Amy's shoe. Yum! Tasty!

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  1. Beautiful pictures along with goreous waterfalls. What a wonderful day and then the petting zoo and beach. Looks like you all had so much fun. Glad you were able to enjoy so many adventure with Amy and the children. Love you all so much sweet daughter and thanks for your beautiful blog