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Summer Utah Trip 2016

Cute Google video of our summer trip. A photo album of our trip with maps and places marked out can be found at this link.

Though we had just come to Utah in early April, we decided to go again in June for several reasons - Mike, Lia, and I hadn't had a reunion in two years, Emily and Julia had each had summer babies, and my Uncle Mitch had passed away.

We took off from Washington around 3:00pm and hit a TON of traffic. There was a lot of road work going on in Snoqualmie Pass which caused a couple hours of delay. We made our first stop at a Burger King in Cle Elum.

I sat Allison up with her toy in the play area. I thought she'd like sitting on the padding more than the germ covered floor next to our table. She even made some friends when a boy and his sister came to play with her. The boy stole her toy at one point but gave it back when Oscar asked him nicely. Oscar gave up his seat for a family coming in, and as we were leaving they asked if we were Mormon. I asked what gave it away and she said "you have the glow!"

We stayed at an okay hotel in Hermiston, Oregon. Inside wasn't bad but I'd made two requests for a crib and they didn't have one for us, in spite of getting an email confirmation that there would be one available. We made a makeshift bassinet for her in the corner of the room by boxing her in with the furniture and making a mattress out of blankets. She didn't love it and had to cry a bit, but we got through the night okay.

We'd actually had a hard time finding anything reasonably priced when we were looking for hotels. I'd looked as far as Boise and everything was booked or cost $100 or more (we're glad we didn't book in Boise, though, since all the Washington traffic would have prevented us from getting there until around 4am). It must have been a high demand period with the start of summer and graduations bringing out all the travelers.
We took off early the next morning and stopped for breakfast at Sumpter Junction restaurant. Tyler loved the silver dollar pancakes and their train. He really liked whenever it would pass by our table.
There was a grassy area nearby, so I took him over and chased him around for a bit while Oscar payed the bill and put Allison in the car. I'm not sure if it was allowed, but we put him up in the wagon too. There were no signs saying "keep off wagon..."
We made it there just after 7:00pm and Ty and I went straight to Lagoon. I'd bought us season passes in April, and I was eager to get my money's worth out of them. Mom, dad, and the kids met us there for a couple hours of Tyler rides. Ethan's outgrown a few of the little kid rides, so Tyler spent more time riding with the twins (usually Sofie) than on previous trips. The kids thought it was funny that the Dragonfly ride had several real dragonflies over it.

On Monday we went swimming at dad's pool. It was killer hot! We picked June because I made the mistake of assuming it wouldn't be as hot as July or August. I was wrong....Temperatures were around 100 while we were there.
Mom was nice enough to pick up inflatables and toys for the kids. She also picked up pool rings, which I thought was weird since my kids can't go diving for toys yet. To my surprise, Allison loves them. They're actually perfect for her sitting up in shallow water because they don't float away from her. 
And to my complete astonishment, she's willing to keep sunglasses on. Tyler would have had those things off so fast, but she never showed the slightest inclination to grab them off her face.
After swimming and lunch we went to the park. The playground was practically untouchable because it was so crazy hot. The splash pad, though, was quite enjoyable. Prior to this Tyler never got very wet at splash parks. He liked playing with the water but didn't particularly enjoy getting splashed by it. Here he was running straight into it. The heat must have motivated him to give up some of his fear of the splash, because even back here he gets much more wet than he ever did.
It's always cute when Allison find a mirror :)

Allison's "little black dress" got passed on to her cousin Emma, and in my opinion it looks cuter on Emma than it ever did on Allison. Usually her chunky legs are cute, but they just never looked good in that outfit, and putting her in pants covered up the cute frills. It's much more flattering on Emma.

The kids had lots of fun playing in the play room at Granny's house. This is also where Allison slept, so it was a bit difficult to stop Tyler from running into it while she was sleeping.

We went back to Lagoon on Tuesday. I took Ty there early and did several rides with him before my brother and family showed up.
I LOVE taking Tyler to Lagoon! He's such a daredevil. Even if he does get scared, it's fun scared, not terror scared. He's just a ball of giggles and smiles. The first ride we did was the huge Ferris Wheel since he'd been asking to go on one ever since he saw one on Mickey Mouse club house. He wasn't as impressed by it as I'd hoped, but he absolutely loved the Flying Aces. He could not stop talking about how fun it was to ride those airplanes.
We went on the Tidal Wave and the train once everyone else got there, then I took Tyler back to Kaysville to get a nap. He was going up the the fish farm with daddy and grandpa later.

Tyler zonked right out in the car in less than a minute. It really wore him out. After that I did Lagoon a Beach and had lots of fun playing in the water with my siblings and their kids. I also finally got a chance to do Cannibal and the other adult rides I can't take Tyler on.

 Gone fishin'!
My silly guy didn't want to touch the flopping fish.

Last time Allison came to Utah she learned how to sit up. This time she learned how to clap. Granny played with her until she could do it on her own.

On Wednesday Allison was so excited by her new 80's outfit that she couldn't stop doing Jazzercise in granny's arms.

Snoozing on the long drive south to the Museum of Curiosity.

Cuteness! Allison actually got to play a bit this time now that she's such a solid sitter. She's pretty well entertained once you give her some toys.
Lia and I did the ropes course with the kids. Ty and Allie were too small, so Oscar stayed with them while dad and Shannon came with us to watch and take pictures.
Emma had a bit of trouble at the end, refusing to move unless she was holding my hand. Ironically, this made it harder for both of us. It's much easier to hold a fairly solid rope anchored to a beam than to hold an unstable person.
Oscar took the kids to the water room while we were on the ropes course.

They liked it a lot!

We had to come down from the ropes course through the climbing area since the alarm will sound if you leave the way you came in. Dad was in for a bit of a surprise since there were three of these rope bridges. It was also incredibly hard on my knee for some reason.

 All the cousins reunited at the water area and dad finally got his picture of him with all six grandchildren before we went out to Leatherby's.
After 5 days of Lagoon, cousins, swimming, playing at the park, more Lagoon, fishing with daddy and grandpa, the museum of curiosity and Leatherby's, Tyler's little system got overloaded. He spent Thursday lying in bed sick with a 101 fever. My poor guy! He had to miss our second Lagoon day.  Usually Tyler doesn't realize when he's sick, even when he was hospitalized, but he definitely knew it then. He slept a lot, had zero energy, watched lots of Bubble Guppies and had lots of cuddles. I really missed him while we were at Lagoon. We went in the evening that time so we could do Cannibal and Rocket during the dark. As fun as those were, I wanted to be doing kids' rides with Tyler more. It's amazing how much your likes and dislikes change when you're a parent.
Allison, on the other hand, was loving all the stimulation and was as cute as ever.

I have zero pictures of that day, but on Friday Oscar and I went to the Bountiful Temple, met my family at Tucano's for lunch, took the kids out swimming at Aunt Kathy's while I helped her and mom figure out some issues on their phones, then had pizza in the church parking lot while Mike set off fireworks. Allison wasn't a huge fan of the noise but was tired enough to fall asleep in grandma's arms.

On Saturday we held a celebration of life for Mitch. Shannon framed several pictures of him and we all enjoyed each other's company over a good spread of food. Little get togethers like this were something Mitch always thoroughly enjoyed doing, so we figured it was appropriate to hold one in his honor.

That evening Oscar's family had a big get together and dinner. Tyler loved wading in the castle with his cousins. Oscar's dad set it up to continuously pump in and cycle out water.
Ice cream cones with cousins
Oscar put on a little fireworks show with the leftover fireworks he'd had from the previous night. He put dozens of firework flowers in a pizza box. Nothing happens until 30 seconds in and then a lot happens at just under a minute.
Tyler and Allison snoozed on our drive home the next day, and we stopped at a little town in Idaho to go to church. I specifically found a chapel with a 9am service and an 11am service so we could go to Sacrament meeting while Tyler went to nursery. This was a nice little break for us. I also nursed Allie in the mother's room, which was definitely the most comfortable place I had to nurse her on the go during a road trip. We only went to the one meeting so we weren't getting into our friend's house too late, but it was thoroughly enjoyable. Later we stopped at a Dairy Queen in Meridian, Idaho for lunch. Oscar and Tyler picked up take out while I stayed at the restaurant and fed Allison. They'd found a nearby park on the map, but it turned out to be a dog park, not a playground.
And we stayed with Chris and Cambria on the way back. The kids played together while Ty tried to ride their bicycle decoration in the back yard. Stopping at their house is always really nice. You really can't beat hanging out with fun people who make you delicious food, provide comfortable accommodations, and just happen to have toys and baby gear for your kids to use.

Ty woke us up at 5:30am and refused to go back to sleep. He was making a lot of noise, so we took off since we didn't want to wake up the household. He cried when we left "I want Tayla, I want the house, I want the play room..." We had to stop fairly quickly since we hadn't had a chance to eat, so we swung by the same Burger King in Yakima that we'd stopped at on our previous trip. The kids wore their red, white, and blue outfits since it was the 4th of July. Eating and playing wore them both out enough that they both slept for most of the drive home from there. We made it back safe and sound around 11am.

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