Tuesday, November 15, 2016

September 2016: Part II - One, One, One, Here We Come

Tyler likes playing Legos with daddy because daddy comes up with some pretty interesting creations, like cookie monster, a menorah, and some sort of Incan God I guess...

Just hug me already! You know I'm irresistible!

"I thought I'd do a little reading before I "help" mommy do the dishes."

Gotta get that water!!!

I just love her surprise when she sticks her face in the water and gets splashed.
I was super proud of Tyler on this visit to the park. A little boy went down the slide before him and went so fast he fell on his face. Tyler came down and said "Sorry. Are you okay?" He's learning empathy!
Watching Tyler push Allison on the swings is just adorable.
This is what inevitably happens on the swings. First he's pushing her and it's adorable - she's happy, he's happy, they're giggling sweetly, and mommy's just loving the cuteness. Then he grabs the chains and tries to twist her, she gets scared and sometimes gets her fingers pinched, mommy has to step in, and the fun is all over. :(

Tyler actually wanted to swing with Allison that day, though he didn't want to go very fast or very high. I'm not sure what it is he doesn't like. He loves when daddy throws him in the air, so it's not heights.

Oscar's work held their big annual party at "The Farm" on the 3rd Saturday in September. Literally every single day that week was gorgeous except that day. Even the days after were beautiful too. We bundled up the kids really well, but I forgot to bring my own coat.

The rain let up enough for the kids to go on the cow train. A little girl offered to hold Allison so she could enjoy it too. She enjoyed holding Allie at least as much as she enjoyed the ride.

Shortly after the rain came back in full force so we took the last covered hayride around the pumpkin patch. Tyler was fascinated by the big white pumpkin we passed.

Here's Allison doing her favorite thing - making people clap. She figured this out long before she figured out how to clap on her own.
Afterwards we explored the covered areas of the farm a bit. They had a neat hay maze in a large barn ending with a slide.

Tyler and Oscar enjoyed the big slides, but I didn't try them with Allison on my back.

Allie was happy to get back home and warm up with her books and music.
She's busy getting into everything these days.
And Tyler's busy chasing her. The difficult thing lately is explaining to him that just because Allison pulls things out of drawers and makes a big mess doesn't mean that he can do it too.
 Allison LOVES tickle me Elmo. When he starts giggling and vibrating she giggles right along with him. 
Just irresistible cuteness!
This was an interesting exchange.

She's still cute even with a runny nose. This one stuck around for awhile...

We started decorating for Halloween early since it gave Ty and I some fun activities to do together. Tyler is convinced Halloween is some sort of place. He kept saying "I'm going to Halloween, mommy!" Other funny things were Tyler asking us to pretend to cry so he could give us a huggie, Tyler seeing me put on chapstick and asking "mom, you painting yourself?" Tyler randomly saying "mom, you are a great singer! and this funny conversation.

Me: "Tyler, would you like some yogurt for lunch?"
Tyler: "No! It's too angry!"

"This is what I do when mommy cleans up all my toys while she's sweeping the floor."
Allison's climbing skills improved vastly in a short amount of time. Before I knew it she was climbing on Tyler's bed, on some of her toys, on the rocking footstool, and even in the dishwasher.

Tyler built this and excitedly exclaimed "I made a hooker!" Lol!
Tyler enjoys feeding Allison, though we rarely let him. He really wants to do it and just shoves it into her face.
This sweet little daisy always brightens my day! I accidentally put Allison's dress on backwards and let her wear it that way until we got home from church (notice the buttons on the front in the top pictures).
 And on the same day she wore her daisy dress, she finally started feeding herself. I gave her a doughnut to motivate her. Worked like a charm!

Tyler wakes up full of energy after his nap, so if it's a nice day, we take him to the park.
Just like with the swings, Tyler prefers pushing to riding.
All the kids are thrilled when you bring bubbles, especially when the wind picks up.

Pumpkin pathchin! We went the first possible weekday opportunity in September, which just happened to be a gorgeous day. I invited my friend Emma to come along with her baby and the little girl she babysits.

There were some cute children's literature themes in the kids' maze.

Tyler ran through the obstacle course with a bit of encouragement.
But getting him to climb the haystack was impossible.

He was super cute posing in the cutouts.

Our only two walkers were cute playing in the pumpkin patch. We kept the babies on our backs for a bit.

I could not get him to pose in the chair for some reason. It surprises me what he chooses to resist.
I loved the Harry Potter chasing a pumpkin snitch.

Tyler gave the big plush animals hugs after being a bit shy around the real ones.

I thought he'd love to go in the rocket, but it took a ridiculous amount of persuasion. Another little girl going in finally convinced him, and then he wanted the spotlight.

Playing around!

Three cute baby girls playing in the leaves and one cute photobombing little boy.
Oh the sweetness of three baby girls sitting in the leaves playing with a pumpkin!

Allison finally got her chance to get good and dirty in the patch. 

Cute kids in a wheelbarrow.

I found the kitty!
My life is pretty much watching these sweet kiddos play together and jumping in when Tyler's energy and exuberance becomes a threat to her. It's all portrayed in the video below.

Backyard cuteness! Allison finally has a practical use for wearing shoes.

Sweet girl and cute guy who doesn't want to get left out of the picture taking. He actually managed a decent pose this time.

Return of the sweet ladybug

This girl loves her pumpkins and pianos!

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  1. What an adorable Blog. I had such a fun time watching the grandchildren have so much fun together. You did a great job with arranging the pictures which are so cute and sweet Thanks for putting this ll together