Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Timeline 2016

2016 has a bit of a bad rap due to the number of actors and celebreties that died this year. Back at our home, though, we saw lots of growth and development. Even Oscar and I hit a milestone - our 10 year anniversary!

In January Allison's little legs started chunking up nicely and Tyler started potty training. Read more in January 2016 - Bring on the New Year

In February we had our 10 year anniversary but weren't able to do much to celebrate it since we were busy with the kids and rehearsals. Allison rolled over four days later on the 21st. Read more in February 2016: 10 Years of Hunt Family Hilarity

In March I turned 34 and was able to celebrate with Oscar's parents. Mom, Mike, and Shannon also came up for a visit the following weekend. Allison started eating her first solids and we had a fun time celebrating Easter. Read more in March Madness at the Hunts 2016.
We also had six sold out performances of our stake play - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Read more in

In April we took Allison's first trip to Utah so she could finally meet my dad and her other extended family. Read more in
Part I - Allison meets her extended family and
Part II - Road Trip Adventures with Two Kids under 3.
After we returned Tyler's communication and social skills really took off while Allison became an expert at eating pureed solids, really started loving books, and started being able to sit solidly. Oscar built a yard and a sandbox for the kids and we buzzed off Tyler's hair to avoid worrying about getting sand out of it. Read more in April 2016: So Much for April Showers this Year!

In May Oscar accidentally drilled through a pipe in the wall, and we ended up in a hotel for 10 days. Oscar did most of the work fixing it (even on his birthday) and took many trips to Home Depot. One time he had to take both kids since I was doing Mother's Day deliveries. Read more in May 2016: Part I - Staying in a Hotel Without Going on Vacation
Once Oscar got the main level flooring done and the big kitchen island pushed back in, we were able to move back into the house. I still tried to keep the kids out of the house as much as possible while he was working, like when I took Tyler to the "Touch a Truck" festival. Tyler's potty training started really clicking right after his 3rd birthday and Allison went through a lovely, easy phase of being content to sit up and play with toys. Read more in May 2016: Part II - Back in our House (in progress).
June was really cold and rainy for several weeks so I took every opportunity to take the kids outside and to the splash park on the rare days we did have sun and warmth. Tyler enjoyed pushing Allison on the swings and learning to solve puzzles. Allison finally rolled back to tummy three months after figuring out tummy to back, and both were excited to start walking down to the Mukilteo summer lunch program in the double stroller. Read more in June 2016...Summer!...Are you Sure?...

For the last week of June we went back to Utah a couple weeks after Uncle Mitch passed away. Though it was a sad reason for returning, we made the most of our time there by giving the kids lots of time with their cousins and taking them on several fun adventures. Read more in Summer Utah Trip 2016

In July we took advantage of the on and off sun by going to the 4th of July festival downtown, the tour de Terrace in Mountlake Terrace, and several trips to Jetty island. My friend Amy also came for a nice long visit and we went on lots of adventures with her. Read more in

In August we finally got our summer sun and got out in it as much as we could. Allison weighed in at 21 pounds 27 inches at 11 months, began moving horizontally across the floor on August 14, could pull herself into a sitting position without needing to be placed that way, and finally allowed me to feed her something that wasn't a smooth puree. Tyler started getting better at entertaining himself with building toys, and I took him to Wild Waves as a reward for his potty training success. Read more in August 2016: Sun, Sun, Sun, Here We Come!

In September Allison began pulling herself to stand and cruising, we celebrated her first birthday, and she finally started feeding herself towards the end of the month. We also visited two farms, enjoyed our remaining sun, and had fun at the Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival. Read more in September 2016: Part I - Allison's Final Days of Babyhood and September 2016: Part II - One, One, One, Here We Come

In October Allison weaned, cut her first tooth, and learned how to climb up the stairs. We went to several Halloween parties and went trick or treating at daddy's work and in our neighborhood. By then we felt Allison was old enough to be left without a nursing mama, so Oscar and I dropped the kids off with his parents in Utah and finally celebrated our 10 year anniversary with an eastern Caribbean cruise. Read more in

October 2016: Part I - Hanging at Home

In November Allison realized she could climb far more than stairs, figured out how to slide on books and tupperware lids, and started standing up without needing to hold onto anything. Oscar and I did our first real escape room with the Kawaguchi family, while Tyler started preschool and began transitioning out of nap. Read more in November 2016: Starting to Get Festive! and The Tale of Allison's Embroidery.

And in December Tyler met a kindred spirit at Pump it Up while his own physical skills improved tremendously, and Allison took her first steps. Mom flew in to see us for the holidays and watch Oscar and I perform our first concert with the Ensign Chorus. The kids got to enjoy playing in their first snow, I did lots of deliveries, and we had a great time celebrating Christmas all day long. Throughout the month we also went on several adventures to Tanksgiving at the Flying Heritage Collection, Garden d'Lights and Bellevue Festival of The Nativity in Bellevue, Woodinville Wonderland, Keener's Christmas Light Display, the Evergreen Church light show, the Cedarcrest Golf Course train ride in Marysville, Wild Waves and Enchanted Village lights in Federal Way, and a kids' New Years Eve party at Tyler's preschool. Read more in December 2016: Part I - Daily Festive Fun and December 2016: Part II - Getting Out for Lights, Fun, and Good Cheer.

It might not have been fun for some, but it was a great year for us!

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