Monday, March 6, 2017

January and February 2017

Family Home Evening is so much more fun these days now that we have a child who can enjoy it. Our default is to Chromecast a chapter from the Book of Mormon stories app and then have an activity to go with the lesson. It makes me grateful to live in an age with easy access to the internet. There are so many good ideas out there! For this day we learned about the brother of Jared and then built a tower from all the Megablocks we had.

One of our young readers found a new way to zoom around the library. Allison already knows that books can take you places.
Allison is famous! She's been sliding on books like this since shortly after learning how to crawl, and they caught her doing it at the library.

After not napping for most of December, Tyler started napping again regularly throughout most of January. I thought he was done except for busy days, but he'll always fall asleep in the car if we take a drive for longer than 10 minutes after about 1pm. Sometimes he'll fall asleep in quiet time too. On this particular day he fell asleep after completely trashing his room. Fortunately the extended period of not napping got him into a habit of sleeping more at night so his naps were more reasonable lengths (60-90 minutes).

In early January Allison began learning how to climb down the stairs safely, though she took a few tumbles before mastering the skill. She also become an expert at getting through the cat hole in the upstairs gate. We had to make it even smaller. Good thing cats move like liquid.

Tyler and Allison have so much fun in the car daddy built for them. Too bad it's lacking in safety restraints.

They could stay in there all day. We're the ones who get bored of pushing them.

Poor little sickling just wants cuddles and soft pillows.

Allison began showing signs that she was ready to drop to one nap but really didn't want to stop napping at 10am. The best thing to do is to get her out of the house in the morning since it distracts her, but she screamed her head off a couple times at library storytime, so I hate to take her out if she's just going to be upset the entire time.

Tyler was older when he went through this stage (20 months. She's 16), but oddly enough, it happened for both of them in January.

Sweet kiddos! I like seeing them read together, but Allison is just relentless at trying to tear books apart.

Ty had a night out with daddy picking up dinner at Wendy's before heading to the drive in movie at preschool.
Oscar did his first 1/2 marathon in a long time. It's called the rain run because this period of the year has a high chance of rain, but there wasn't a single drop.

I love seeing my sweet girl cackling with laughter while she pushes her grocery cart.

So stinking cute while but no longer stinky!

Warming up in her cookie monster towel playing with Nibbler.

preschool crafts
threw such a big fit he injured his ear
Memorable Tyler Moments:

I was going upstairs to get the laptop when Tyler comes running after me saying "mommy don't go! You didn't give me a huggie!" This was after I'd gotten really upset with him for running out into the street twice after library story time.

Tears came to my eyes while reading him "How does a dinosaur say I love you" and hearing him sing "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus" with me. He's such a sweetie!

Tyler says "when I grow up, I want to be a digger!"

I encouraged Tyler to drink the leftover milk from his cereal bowl once by explaining that the vitamins in cereal are sprayed on and dissolve into the milk, so if you don't drink the milk you poured on it, you won't get the vitamins. He interpreted that as "if I drink my cereal milk, I'll get a gummy vitamin." I decided to just roll with it. At least he's getting plenty of vitamins!

Tyler woke up early and asked if he could play ABCmouse on the Ipad. It was 6:30am, so I told him it wasn't wake up time yet and he could play after 7:00am. He grabbed a number 7 toy out of the bathtub, handed it to me, and said "It's 7. Now I can play ABCmouse!"

 My two little monkeys jumping on the bed. Allison loves to bounce while he jumps. I just have to prevent him from jumping on her!
Oh the funny positions I find Ty sleeping in. It's like he was sitting up and just fell over.

Hugging sister and watching for garbage trucks. She hugged back but I didn't get my phone in time.

Tyler started swim lessons at the end of January. He was terrified at first.
Allison was super grumpy from napping poorly, so I left her with Oscar while I took Ty to swim lessons and told him "try to make her happy." He gave her her first Oreos.

Now that she's walking she slides juice the same way she slides books.

At nighttime Tyler starts off in his bed, but I often find him sleeping on the floor. In mid February Tyler went back to not napping again. After waking up early and taking a trip to the children's museum, he still wouldn't sleep even in a clean, distraction free room. He makes way too much noise during quiet time for Allison to get her nap, so I can't attempt it anymore until after that. He really only sleeps in the car these days and goes to bed by 7:30pm.
Tyler posing with his Mickey puzzles. He put these all together on his own for the first time that day. This is the best I get from him when I tell him to look at the camera.

Both kids climbing onto the bottom shelf of the changing table together to pet Fry kitty cat.

Ty likes putting up window clings with me during each season's holiday. Allison's learning how to climb (and fall off) the couch and play with those clings. Fortunately we have an extra strong lock on this window so no child could open it, and they're not strong enough to break the glass. 

This is the most snow we've had in all our 10.5 years here, though it doesn't stick around very long.

It took 20 minutes of dressing up warm only to have him entertained for 15 minutes, but we made a snowman!

At the end of the month we finished swim lessons but decided not to continue it. I felt he needed to practice getting more comfortable in the water before lessons will be all that useful.

Valentine Crafts from his last day of preschool. Tyler's having some serious issues with impulse control in social situations, so I've pulled him out of school while we have him evaluated for ADHD.

 Monopoly mustaches and a heart shaped steak at Albertsons

These are my nap choices with Allison. All of them are terrible. She sleeps wonderfully at night (12-13 hours), but naps have become awful. I wouldn't mind if she didn't nap at all or only had a short nap if she would just be happy throughout the day.

1) Give her 1 nap only to have it last 60 - 90 minutes and have a continually unhappy baby from about 4pm until 7pm. If I try to put her down earlier she screams in her crib until at least 7pm.

2) Attempt to give her 2 naps. The first will last 60 - 90 minutes and she'll go down without a fuss sometime between 10 and 11. She'll fight the 2nd nap for at least 30 minutes and remain unhappy the rest of the day whether she gets a 2nd nap or not. If she does get a 2nd nap, it's typically shorter than the time she spent fighting it and doesn't seem to make her any happier.

3) Give her a first nap and wake her up after less than an hour. She'll get the 2nd nap more easily, but is unhappy after both naps.

Amusing Tyler antics from February:

After offering him something Oscar and I were eating, he refused but said "when I get bigger and bigger I tried that, and when I tried it, I liked it."

I found myself singing "How does it work? How does it work?" from Tyler's favorite show Team Umizoomi while I was helping him get ready for bed. Tyler responded "the blanket works by sleeping with me."

Allison had fun playing and snuggling with Tyler like she does with the cats one day after he woke up groggy from a car nap.

Yummy chocolate covered strawberries! I worked during Valentines and was able to bring some back for the kids. It was the first time I've ever seen Allison eat strawberries. She was willing to eat regular ones after that too, but of course, she prefers the chocolate covered ones. It was just so fun to watch her dig into these.

We bought an annual pass to the children's museum. It's challenging to take them there with Allison toddling around everywhere!

 Ty had a hard time golfing with Allison climbing onto the holes to grab his golf balls.

Allison can climb the plank up into their playground, but I can't follow her since it's too small for an adult. This is kind of terrifying since she doesn't understand danger yet. I have two children without impulse control!

On that same day we celebrated our 11 year anniversary with a trip into Seattle to see an improv show and dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant. It felt weird celebrating our 11 year anniversary when we'd just celebrated our 10 year in October.

She's so cute pushing her Charlie Brown dolls in the grocery cart. She put them in there herself.

She's even cuter in all her pretty little dresses now that she can toddle around in them.

She walked around with this red scarf on her head for a long time that day. I was shocked she didn't pull it off since she usually pulls her headbands right off.

She loves being in nursery. There are only a few kids in there, so they don't mind one more even if she's not quite 18 months old. She really likes this car with a retractable boulder.
I think it's hilarious when she tries to drink from the fake milk bottles meant for the dolly.
Silly messy kiddos! I just love them!