Saturday, July 22, 2017

Early Summer 2017: Part III - Adventures

Oscar and Ty have started going on adventures on Saturdays. For the first Saturday of June they went down to the fairgrounds for the Dozer Days festival.

There were long lines, but eventually Tyler was able to take his turn operating the diggers

There were other activities too. Tyler's nailing is hilarious. Watch him try all parts of the hammer.

Ty's turn on the zipline. He kept letting go but figured it out eventually.

I love these sweet guys of mine! I'm glad they could have some fun together. I would have loved to come too but it would have been challenging with Miss Allison.

The next week they went to the stake campout. Allison and I stayed home. After camping with Tyler at 13 months, I knew I never wanted to take a baby camping again. It's not worth all the effort it takes just to keep them safe and alive!
Ty had lots of fun just being free to play and getting nice and dirty. In the pic on the right he's randomly hugging some kid. Oscar told him he had to ask first, so he did, but the kid said "no" because "your hands are too dirty."
Throwing rocks into the swift river. I would have been terrified to have Allison here. Those are some fast currents, and she would have wanted to wade in.

The next week they went hiking at Lord Hill Regional park before picking up lunch and visiting the Reptile Museum.

They saw lots of lizards and snakes


an Alligator snapping turtle
And a few other critters. Here's Tyler hissing back at the snake then getting offended for the turtle when daddy calls it a snake. Silly daddy!

The next week they hiked Boulder river up to Feature Show falls. It's a nearby waterfall I've never been to. How did I not know about it? I'll have to come see it in the spring sometime.
My sweet little adventurer!

Fascinated by a bulging banana slug eating a leaf. Boys...

Good thing they're cute!

On July 4th we went downtown to see the Everett parade. We ran into some friends there who invited us to set up next to them. Since there was still about 45 minutes until it started, we walked up to the Children's Museum to let them burn off some energy there. It was crowded since they do 1/2 price admission that day, but at least Oscar was there to help out. It's so much easier when the kids can roam free and we can each follow one around.
Ty stayed largely in the barn area while Allison roamed. I love that I actually got a picture of her driving the tractor while Tyler was hard at work in the background.

This was our setup for the parade. I sat in the purple chair. Tyler in the umbrella stroller in the big pot worked out perfectly.

Allison did way better than I expected. She struggled in the few minutes before the parade got going, but she was content once she had people to watch and music to listen to. 

I, on the other hand, wasn't particularly impressed by the parade. There were no floats. Parades need floats! And there were far too many advertisments. I understand the acting Mayor coming down the street in a Cadillac, but not a bunch of people holding signs saying "Vote So and So 2017!" Watching people walk down the street in matching outfits isn't particularly interesting to me.
The Chinese dragon and dancers were pretty cool. It was about the closest we got to a float. The bands were good too.

But the absolute best was Allison jamming out and waving her flag to "Born in the USA." Now that was worth coming to the parade for!
We left the parade about 10 minutes before noon and headed down to the First Baptist church a few blocks away. They hold a festival there each year that Tyler and I went to last year. The parade was dying down but wasn't quite over, so I figured it'd be a good time to do the pony rides and face painting that we hadn't wanted to wait in big lines for. Unfortunately the lines for those were already too long, but we were able to get some free poporn and snowcones and Tyler was able to play on the inflatables.

Last year Ty got to do the fireman simulator after waiting in a super slow, hour+ long line. This year we were walking by it before they'd officially opened, but they kindly invited him to climb up and go down their bouncy slide. 

They had a photo booth area, so we actually got a rare family picture. Allison's got a blue chin from her snow cone, and Ty wouldn't let go of the bag of popcorn.

They both got good naps, so we took them down to Legion Memorial park for the fireworks. Ty was a bit moody, so he wasn't as interested in the bounce houses as usual. Allison was our little puppy, excited about everything and everybody around her, and our little Goldilocks, constantly climbing people's chairs, laying down on their blankets, and eating their food. 

Lovely view of the harbor about 20 minutes before the fireworks started
I picked up some yummy Yakisoba and Asian popcorn chicken at the food booths, which was actually super tasty and not terribly priced. Allison loves popcorn chicken so much that she didn't want to stop eating it. Notice her cheeks in these next pictures. She kept chicken in them for over an hour until I actually put my fingers in her mouh and dug it out.

Unfortunately we were much more limited at entertaining the kids than we were when we brought Tyler here two years ago. They used to have a great playground, but someone burned the older kids part of it back in February, so not very much is available at the moment. When we visited on May 24th they had the burned area blocked off but the younger kids area was still accessible. Now both parts are blocked off because they're in the process of installing a whole new playground with a big sign saying "New Playground Coming Summer 2017!" You'd think they would have made finishing it by July 4th a big priority, but they hadn't even removed the burned part at the end of May.

Ty really wanted to play on the new playground and didn't understand why he couldn't. Oscar had to take him away from the area entirely because he kept whining that he wanted to play on the playground. I stayed with Allison and pushed her on the swings for awhile, but we didn't stay too long since there were so many other kids wanting a turn. The little else there was to do on that playground was super crowded, and there weren't enough toys in the sand box to really interest her. She was adorable chasing after a football three guys were throwing around and a soccer ball a couple others were kicking around, but I took her away since they stopped playing because they didn't want her to get hurt or hit by the balls. Ultimately I had to strap her back in the stroller while we waited for the fireworks to start. She liked them for the first 10 minutes but then grew very restless and whiny. It was just too late for her. I don't plan on bringing her back until she's old enough to ask to see the fireworks. 

The kids slept in the next morning, but we still made it to the zoo where we got to see the new baby giraffe.

Playtime on the bridge! Allison kept falling through the cracks but wouldn't learn from it, so I took them into the indoor play area instead. We were also able to visit the Butterfly house, which had never been available on our previous visits. It's hot in there!
And here's my sweet little Allison trying to pet the otter through the glass. She loves animals, always chasing them, hugging them, and trying to ride on them. I have complete confidence she would try to climb on a real komodo dragon as well.