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Early Summer 2017: Part I - Daily Cuteness

We're currently attending the Spanish speaking branch in our stake where Oscar is serving as the Elder's Quorum president. Spanish sharing time has been extremely challenging for Tyler, so we're planning on taking him back to our English ward in August, but we've really enjoyed getting to know the people here. They're super nice and really fun! They throw awesome parties and make amazing food, and they always make sure the kids have plenty of snacks and things to do.

Sister Waight teaches the 3-7 year old CTR class in English. She always plans interactive lessons with games, activities, and treats, so we may have to keep visiting her class even after we transition back to the English ward.
For awhile we attended a little bit of both congregations to compare how Tyler behaved in one verses the other. I snapped this picture on the right of him quietly playing with some coins from my wallet during Sacrament meeting. He kept himself entertained for about 30 minutes. It was just such a novelty I had to commemorate it.

One of the days we went to both congregations was Father's day, so Oscar got two mini pies in each Elder's Quorum.

The English ward is at 1:00pm, so going there will likely mean the end of Allison sleeping on me in the Mother's room. I'll be able to just put her down in her room around 11am for a quick snooze before we go to church instead of trying to get her to sleep on me while we're there. It will be much easier for me, but I'll miss this sweetness!

A friend passed down this little purple dress for Allison, and I just couldn't get over how gorgeous she looked in it. She even managed to keep her headband on long enough for me to get pictures.

As she wandered around being cute, she grabbed a kid's fidget spinner from off his lap and figured out how to get it spinning on the floor. Adorable!

Jumping on the bed with daddy! They're "so glad when daddy comes home!" They do this to me too, but I can't handle the belly jumping as long as daddy can. I do love the dog pile snuggles though.

Loving on my sleepy little sweetie after she had a big morning at the park. Luckily she'll often transition right from car to crib, but not the other way around.

Nibbler came up for cuddles while I sang Allison her lullaby book.

Allison's started learning how to kiss. One day Tyler leaned down and gave me some kisses on the cheek and then Allison did it too. She'd never kissed before. She'd make the motion with her mouth but never actually kissed with skin to skin contact before. I almost melted with the sweetness.

Oscar's been busy woodworking for the kids. Among other things he made little chairs and the start of a future train table. Right now it doubles as a toddler bed simply by putting his mattress on top of it, but once he transitions to a larger bed we'll glue on some elevated train tracks.
Here are some of Ty's interesting Lego creations. I was most impressed with the dinosaur and his figuring out how to elevate his Lego tracks entirely on his own.

Fun at the Rogers' House!
I got a picture of this brief moment of cuteness. Both kids were happily watching Tyler's new motor train for a couple turns before Allison inevitably started tearing up the tracks. He usually ends up closing his door and playing with his trains alone so sister doesn't undo all his hard work. I let her play in his room while he's in the bathroom or watching TV downstairs.

Funny random thing Tyler said "trees have pizza legs that are poopy to stink on."

She's all dressed up cute for church. It's the only time I attempt headbands. She takes them off, so at least if they go missing at church I can usually find them in the lost and found.

One day we got this note from the YMCA saying Allison "noticed the table was wet so she grabbed an old towel and wiped it until it was clean. It was so cute and nice of her!" The next morning she made a mess playing with her sippy cup of water and did the very same thing. She grabbed some towels out of the towel drawer and did her best to clean up the mess (though mommy had to help since it was a LOT of water).

Cute kiddos bonding over screen time and enjoying some popcorn chicken. It's hard to get Allison to eat meat unless it's breaded and small. She LOVES chicken nuggets and popcorn chicken.

Allison loves riding the mommy horsey, but mommy has a hard time keeping her stable while crawling on hard floor.

Cute video of Allison just entertaining herself reading. In the pic on the left she's diving into some leftover yogurt her brother had left out (and making a huge mess with it), and in the pic on the right she's climbing into her old walker in the back yard.

I usually feed Allison yogurt since she makes too big of a mess to feed it to herself. Tyler loves feeding her the yogurt too, but he has a tendency to stick the spoon too far down her throat and to feed her far too fast.
Cute videos of the kids playing in the car daddy made for them
Oscar's work put the managers in the dunk tank for employee motivation. Only one person, the janitor, managed to dunk Oscar before we got there. Then all three of us made sure he got dunked. It was hard to hit the ball right on the spot, so we all just went up and pushed it.

Tyler looks extra cute dunking daddy

Even Allison got a turn, though she was pretty indifferent to it. She was much more interested in stomping in puddles. It took a few days for her shoes to dry.

The sun didn't come out until after Oscar was dunked (poor guy)! The kids had gotten pretty dirty in the puddles, so they got a fun bubble bath while Leela soaked up the sun.

They held a "World Dance Party" at the YMCA one Friday evening. I hadn't known about it and just came for my 6pm Zumba class. This went from about 6:20pm until 10pm, and everyone, including kids were invited. I exercised while Allison stayed in the Child Watch until they closed at 7:30pm, then I brought her in. This girl loves to dance. She was imitating the instructor's stomps at first and then immediately started spinning once the music came on.
Zumba instructor in training
She's been dancing since she was in the womb. One Zumba instructor I had while I was pregnant with her said "with all the Zumba you do, this girl's going to be a dancer for sure!" She was right!

Here's me attempting to do crafts and other Tyler themed stuff with both kids. Allison doesn't like being left out of the action, but she can't really color or play with playdoh yet. She has started scribbling a bit, but she gets bored with it quickly and wants to climb on the table.
I am not a huge fan of the color pink, but this girl just looks so cute in it.
I gave Tyler a lunchable once only to find the cheese all torn up and smooshed together. When I asked him what happened to his cheese, he replied "it's with the cheese family!"

Allison started saying "bubbles" and loves trying to catch them. Ty does well blowing them with these great spillproof containers I found at the dollar store.

 Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A!

Tyler tried a new ADHD medication this month (more detail about that in a future post) that made him extra sleepy for about a week. We kept finding him asleep in the cutest positions. The first time was when Oscar came home for his lunch break and picked Tyler up for a hug only to have him fall asleep in his arms.

Sometimes he'd fall asleep on the couch but wake up quickly, so we'd transition him to our bedroom where we have nice black out curtains. It usually worked out.

In the middle pic Oscar carried him up to bed when he fell asleep while eating dinner and fell asleep having a hug.

And the ultimate in cuteness - falling asleep cuddling with Fry on the changing table. They told us the sleepiness would wear off, and it did, but we enjoyed the sleepy cuteness while it lasted.

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  1. Wow what a cute blog with so many adorable pictures. I can't believe how much they are growing and loved all the comments and analogies. Love you sweet daughter