Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Utah Trip 2017: Part II (July 18th - 21st)

On Tuesday the 18th the boys all went fishing at Cold Springs Trout Farm while Martha, Emily, and I stayed in with girls and babies.

Ty had fun with the water fountain, but didn't seem up to his usual level of spunk. Oscar said his energy and excitement level was really low that morning.

Oscar couldn't seem to get any fish with the bait he had, but he did manage to catch one with a fly he plucked out of the air.

Miss Allison was a bit crabby during the morning, but she was sure happy when her daddy came home.

We had plans to go play at Jungle Jims with Mike's kids, but cancelled them when we realized Tyler was sick. That's why his energy was so low at the fish farm. We figured out he was sick when he woke up from a huge nap with an obvious fever. We decided to stay at the Hunt house and rented "Zootopia." I thought a visually stimulating movie would help the kids relax, and it did!

Ty wasn't fully recovered but seemed a good deal better in the morning. We think overexposure to the sun and heat contributed to his illness and thought it'd be best to keep him inside with air conditioning as much as possible. We decided to meet up with my family at the Museum of Curiosity where I ran into my friend Katie from high school. Tyler ran off to go climbing in the jungle area with his cousins while mom and I took Allison up for some water play.

My sweet thing!

Allison rarely stays in one place for very long. Thankfully there were enough adults to give her the freedom to wander.

She really liked the washing machines and the little splash pad outside.

We met up with Tyler and the cousins to play outside for a bit before heading out for lunch and naps.
Dinner and golfing at Top Golf

After naps we drove down to Top Golf to hit some balls while we ate dinner. Tyler had a meltdown at first and Allison was difficult to handle. She was not safe in the hitting area, so we asked for a high chair and mom took her in to an indoor table.

Eventually Tyler calmed down and decided to do a little golfing. He was just as interested with triggering the sensor to get the ball out as he was with hitting the balls.

Malia and Hana arrived Wednesday night, so we hit up Lagoon again the next morning. Tyler came after his nap, so we did Lagoonabeach and all the adult rides first.
Tyler had been asking for "the scary ride" when I'd brought him on Monday, so we braved the long line and did it when he arrived. They'd revamped it for its 50th anniversary, and it does look much better (though it's not quite worth the long wait).
There was a 10 minute delay after someone threw up on a prop, so I took the kids over to the Carousel.

After that we did some rides with Tyler before separating. Mike and Shannon had arrived by then, so we went on some adult rides with them while mom and dad took Tyler on a few rides that only he could do. Tyler was much more entertained than he'd been the other night when it was just me and him. He happily stayed until closing time. The kids took Ty on the Tilt-a-Whirl while Mike, Hana, Lia, and I went on Rocket. Then Mom, dad, Tyler, Hana, Malia, and I all crammed into a gondola on the Ferris Wheel for our final ride. I love doing those two rides at night! I would have liked to do Wicked and Cannibal then too, but you only get so much available darkness in the summer before they close for the night.

We relaxed the next morning and went to visit grandma Hatch. Allison and Tyler did not cooperate for pictures. We attempted to take them to a splash park afterwards, but it was very busy and incredibly hot, so we didn't stay long. Allison was our little Goldilocks going around laying on people's blankets, climbing on their chairs, and getting free food from them.

From there we picked up lunch and took the kids back for nap. Martha was home so Oscar and I went to the Ogden temple while the kids slept. After we got back I dropped Oscar off at his brother's house in north Salt Lake and drove the kids out to Mike's house, where we stayed for the next two days. Lia and Hana started their drive back while Mike hosted a business barbeque. I took advantage of Mike's Netflix account to get caught up on some movies I'd been wanting to see.

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  1. Stacy I just love all these sweet pics and the blog that makes me so happy, as they just keep growing up so fast.